The Night of a Predictable Emmy

Our consumption may have an apparent greater range of options with the various platforms and after many of them, such as Netflix, Apple, and Amazon Prime, try to break the cinema barrier, TV can no longer be separated from online consumption. Although it’s still an issue, as host Kenan Thompson pointed out in his opening.

In addition, it was a night whose finalists represent the biggest hits of the pandemic, in groups, and how completely predictable the algorithm makes us. With few exceptions, in July I nailed the winners (I was wrong when I imagined that Squid Game could “surprise” and that Sydney Sweeney‘s youth would help her).

Does that mean the award is unfair? None of that. All nominees and winners deserved it equally. What happens is that our opinion has been unified on social networks, youtube channels, and consumption. We are aligned and less divided.

The 2022 Emmys are the last awards from the time when we were still living the pandemic. Starting next year, the contents we are seeing today will be the ones that will occupy the space and, although still recorded with the limitations imposed by Covid-19, consumption is defined. In 2023, the Emmys will bring House of the Dragon and other series. And we will barely remember the winners of the year. Do you remember the ones from last year?

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