About Rhaenyra Targaryen’s 1st Husband in House of the Dragon

Sunday is a feast day in Westeros and shack in the Red Keep: after her adventure with Uncle Daemon through the lower parts of King’s Landing, Rhaenyra was forced by Viserys I to finally choose a husband. Or accept, as it was your father’s choice to solve two problems with a single alternative. The chosen one was the princess’ second cousin, Laenor Velaryon. And we must speak of him, the only male son of Rhaenys Targaryen and Ser Corlys Velaryon, for, after all, he will be King consort when Rhaenyra ascends the throne. Or so it seems.

And yes, as we know weddings in Game of Thrones have always been the scene of violence and deaths, in House of the Dragon the tradition will be maintained.

Laenor Velaryon: heir and consort

We’ve known Laenor Velaryon since Episode 1, where he appeared sitting next to Alicent Hightower and next to Rhaenyra, excited about the celebration tournament for Viserys’ son (who dies the next day). We see him vibrating with the duels and violence that followed before the news of Queen Aemma’s death broke.

More recently we’ve seen him flying his dragon, Seasmoke, and using the dracarys command to eliminate enemies on the Stepstones. Until now it was in a satellite position, but it will come to the main stage.

As the only son of the Iron Throne’s supposed original successor, Rhanenys, Laenor was and is considered by many to be one of the top true contenders for the throne, because nobles don’t want women as Queens.

When his mother Rhaenys was first ignored she was pregnant with Laenor. The second time, which is the opening scene of the House of the Dragon series, it was not highlighted, but the Velaryons considered themselves doubly prioritized by the Crown, whether by Rhaenys or Laeonor (a baby at the time). The Velaryons accepted the decision, but there was still injustice in the air and for that reason, they offered their 12-year-old daughter to marry Viserys later on. The union would end any conflict over who was actually the successor. Hence the violent reaction when the king chose Alicent Hightower.

Now, Viserys is trying to gamble on this marriage between Rhaenyra and Laenor, which should have been his, for a series of problems at once. He resolves the rejection of Rhaenys, apologizes for having refused to marry a 12-year-old girl (in this we support him), and unites the Targaryen and Velaryon houses, resolving injustices with the couple’s future children.

If everything were that easy.

Readers of the book already know that Laenor “prefers male company” and, like his future wife, is playing the game out of obedience. His romantic interest has already appeared in the series and will star in the part of the shack that appears in the trailer. The wedding party, by the way, will be a blast.

By all accounts in the book, Rhaenyra and Laenor will get along well, giving each other space to go about their lives as they see fit. Still, evil tongues will haunt them. From what we can tell, we’ll see the fateful tournament in which Laenor gave his favor to his favorite, Ser Joffrey Lonmouth. The same one who was by your side at the Battle of Stepstone. And Rhaenyra will give her favor to Ser Harwin Strong.

Challenged by none other than Ser Criston Cole, the result will not be good. According to the Reddit leaks, Joffrey will tease Criston about the “moon tea’, alluding that he knows about the night the Princess spent with the Kingsguard member. As a reaction, he will mortally wound Joffrey, who will not resist. In the book, he takes six days to die, with Laenor untiring by his side and crying hard when he leaves. Court watchers note that the couple’s honeymoon will be spent largely apart, and in the meantime, Ser Qarl Correy fills the seat left vacant by Joffrey.

Although they live in separate castles, Rhaenyra and Laenor are always together at official events, with Ser Harwin Strong taking Ser Criston’s place in protecting the princess. That’s right, Ser Lionel Strong‘s son, who liked seeing Rhaenyra all bloody on the hunt and let her wander through the streets of Flea Bottom on her night out with Daemon. Ser Harwin will take such good care of Rhaenyra that when her first child with Laenor is born, they will say the child looks like him. Although the “father” wanted to honor Joffrey by naming the child after him, Rhaenyra chooses Jacaerys. The second child, Lucerys, came into the world with both Laenor and Harwin accompanying the birth.

Rhaenyra’s relationships with Ser Criston and her stepmother, Alicent, are icy when they’re on a good day. As actress Emily Carey suggested in a post, “Without love, I want power.”

Alicent will become active for her house and children, with growing hatred for Rhaenyra. Sor Larys Strong is the one who reveals that Rhaenyra would have drank the moon tea. With this information, the Queen knows Rhaenyra lied to her. She also gets Sor Criston to confess. From this day on, Alicent wears green, her house color.

When Rhaenyra and Laenor’s third child is born, finally named Joffrey, once again the child’s appearance will fuel suspicion. At this point, the court will be openly divided between the colors green and black.

Laenor has a great relationship with his wife (in the book). Rhaenys and Corlys, clearly aware of the arrangement, turn a blind eye to reality and treat their grandchildren without the restriction of affection. They are closed with Rhaenyra, who is happy with the Velaryons.

But fate changes everything quickly. Daemon Targaryen is around again. Widowed (we’ll meet his wife in the next episode), he will be Laenor’s brother-in-law as he marries Laena Velaryon, with whom he has two daughters. Coincidentally, she will die in childbirth the same year that Laenor and Ser Qarl fall out in a bar, fight and injure each other mortally. A blow to Rhaenys and Corlys.

Laenor’s passage will be brief, as we can see. But the affection and support he will give to Rhaenyra already awaken the loyalty of Team Black. Son of two heroes who will still shine in House of the Dragon, it’s important to know about him. But here’s the advice: don’t get too attached…

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