Andor: Star Wars prequel prequel

The Star Wars universe is complex and not always very linear, as fans know. The story that was told backward and then advanced, until gaining new stories, is a tangle that has rebels against the empire, eternally fighting for freedom.

Of all the attempts, Rogue One was the closest to perfection. The tragic story of the team that managed to steal the Death Star plans was both gripping and clever. In the drama, we had the brave – not always honest – Cassian Andor, played by actor Diego Luna leading the suicide mission. Rogue One explains the opening minutes of Star Wars: A New Hope and also starts in the middle of an adventure that, with the Andor series, we’ll learn more about.

Launching content in the midst of the battle of House of the Dragon and Rings of Power takes courage, but Disney is big enough to fight. What creates uncertainty was the lukewarm reception for Obi-Wan Kenobi who stretched a two-episode or three-episode script into six. At least critics have praised Andor. In a few minutes, we will have access to the first 3 episodes.

In the series, Cassian Andor is recruited by the Rebel Alliance for a dangerous mission. But it’s not about laser gun battles, it’s about politics and intelligence. Written by the same writers as Rogue One. the series discusses ideology and takes place 5 years before the suicide mission. It does not have, as in previous contents, the objective of reaching a young audience, with the right to the sex scene. Does it reach the level of The Mandalorian? We will talk soon.

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