In House of the Dragon, bringing the family together causes confusion…

The Targaryen family’s toxicity in the real world of the 21st century would be the most pumped reality show on the planet. There isn’t a meeting between them that doesn’t lead to arguments, arguments, or even murder.

In Episode 1, at the tournament, the Lords of Westeros forgot it was a party and went for pure violence, with a Rhaenys historically reacting with boredom towards the brawl.

In the 2nd, Daemon steals an egg and takes care of Dragonstone, needing to be confronted by gunmen and his niece, Rhaenyra, in order to let him avoid deaths.

In the 3rd, Rhaenyra and Viserys clash in public at Aegon’s 2nd birthday party, the princess disappears and returns covered in blood after having killed an animal.

In the 4th, Rhaenyra and Daemon’s brothel night out yields a scandal that Viserys races to hush up, but Otto Hightower dances from his privileged role as Hand of the King.

In the 5th, the forced marriage of Rhaenyra and Laenor, the king is interrupted, you crash the party, Alicent declares war and ends up with a fuss and murder in the middle of the party, the most classic bluster.

In the 6th, Rhaneyra doesn’t even wait 5 minutes for her son’s delivery and parades sweaty, disheveled and bleeding in the Red Keep to introduce her son to Alicent. Also, Harwin Strong and Criston Cole get slapped when they’re teaching the princes.

What will be on the 7th: Would download again!!!!

What we expect on Sunday is the war between greens and blacks waiting for a drop to start the physical battle.

Laena Vesaryon’s death forces the family to be reunited in Driftmark, and even the dead don’t earn respect. At this point, even though Rhaenyra has withdrawn from King’s Landing, it brings peace between her and Alicent. That’s because the princess doesn’t even suspect how much her stepmother is involved in the deaths of Ser Lyonel and Harwin Strong. Seeing that Otto Hightower is back in the Hand position without even a month having passed should be the hint… but the problem is really among the kids.

After Laena’s burial, Rhaenyra’s children – Jace and Luce – get slapped with Aegon and Aedmond and Luce ends up poking out their uncle’s eye. For Alicent, the attack was premeditated and she wants punishment in kind, lashing out at Rhaenyra with the dagger. Whether no one had caught the hatred between them is now more than clear.

Rhaenyra’s allies are strong (sorry for the joke): the Velaryons and her uncle, Daemon. But the most important thing must be towards the end of the episode when Aedmond manages to claim Vhagar for himself, putting one of the most dangerous dragons in Westeros under the control of the greens.

It will be exciting!


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