James Bond’s 60th Anniversary in Film

On October 5, 1962, the movie Dr. No, was the first film adaptation of Ian Fleming‘s bestselling story, starring an unknown Scotsman, Sean Connery. A cultural phenomenon was born that six decades later still enchants different generations. (The rest of the world met him in 1963)

Dr. No is not James Bond’s first adventure, but as it was the first film it was the first time we’ve heard his signature introduction when responding to the way Sylvia Trench introduced herself to him.

In this film, James Bond is introduced as a spy in the service of Her Majesty and sent to Jamaica to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a British agent. The clues lead him to a suspicious island controlled by scientist Dr. Julius No, an agent of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. who has an evil plan to destroy the US space program.

With the James Bond theme signed by John Barry and Monty Norman, the film is one of the only ones without the traditional opening song that it would later have. In the latest film, No Time to Die, James ends up returning to the island with a conclusion that is somewhat controversial among traditionalists.

Dr. No was a massive box office success, with iconic scenes such as Ursula Andress emerging from the sea in a white bikini.

The success of Dr. No was responsible for a wave of spy movies that are still popular 60 years later.

Although over time the character of James Bond has gained drama and complexity, he still represents much of the sexist culture that placed women in supporting roles, objectified and outdated, with scenes that are very difficult to tolerate these days. Yet James Bond’s appeal is passed on from generation to generation. The search for Daniel Craig‘s replacement is still ongoing, generating a lot of speculation about the “next 007”.

One of the unanimous strengths of all the films is the music of James Bond, with prominent pop artists and, for many years, the signature of John Barry.

On world James Bond day, here’s a playlist with his greatest hits.


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