Six decades of music and legends

Every October 5th is James Bond Day, as fans know. The date is linked to the release of the first feature, 007 Against the Satanic Dr. No in British cinemas, kicking off one of the most successful franchises in world cinema.

And on the 60th anniversary, fans of the English spy won an almost two-hour documentary that is nothing short of sensational: The Sound of 007, which obviously revisits all the soundtracks of the 25 films, with more space for its most famous ones.

The quality of the images stands out, the archival footage and the testimonials, without shying away from the songs that were less successful or that sound strange, even the emotional part where she talks about Amy Winehouse’s “almost” song for Quantum of Solace (and the misunderstanding with Radiohead). They don’t go into details about the historic legal fight between songwriters Monty Norman and John Barry, but they go head to head to talk about the song from the movie Moonraker, which even Shirley Bassey didn’t like. The script ties time travel in a pleasant, easy-to-follow, and always surprising way.

A program for fans and a super curiosity for the less passionate. Worth checking out!


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