What remains to be seen in House of the Dragon

About a year ago, on October 5, HBO released the first teaser for House of the Dragon, driving fans wild. With the Game of Thrones theme song, we could hear Daemon claim that what made House Targaryen prosper was the Dragons. Beautiful.

Gods, Kings, Fire and Blood. Dreams didn’t make us kings. Dragons did.

Daemon Targaryen

Now some things make more sense.

Showrunner Miguel Sapochnik directed two episodes of season 1: the pilot and the 7th. However, the order of recordings was reversed. That’s right, the first episode to be recorded was precisely episode 7. Afterward, Miguel recorded what we call “pilot”. The director argues that he needed to set the tone of the series to create the common thread and it is in episode 7 that the family feud really begins.

What’s in the trailers that we haven’t seen yet?

From the teaser almost nothing, they showed everything. Only Daemon entering a cave, carrying a torch that appears to be in Dragonstone remains unpublished. From the haircut, the scene could be in episode 10. Another thing we still haven’t heard is Daemon saying, Gods, Kings, Fire, and Blood. Dreams didn’t make us kings. Dragons did. Coming soon?

From the 1st trailer, from March, once again the heavily supported footage comes from episodes 7 and 1, with some footage from others. In the edition, they mix moments out of order, but that emphasizes the figure of Daemon as a man who aspires to the Iron Throne.

The twist, with the dramatic version of Daenerys’s theme, transformed into the theme of House Targaryen, has the image of episode 10, The Black Queen, which is the reference to Rhaenyra leaving for War. We see her on the Dragonstone map table which remains to be seen yet.

The trailer replays the as-yet-unpublished scene of Daemon with the torch, looking at something he has some trepidation about. In the next scene, we now know it’s not Daemon anymore, but Aemond trying to tame Dreamfyre. The lines in the promo are Otto Hightower and Corlys Velaryon’s from episode 7, speaking of names and the game.

Of the final trailer, three months from release, it is the most complete and with many images from episode 8.

What is unheard of is the image of Rhaenyra in a room, looking worried, in what appears to be Viserys’ room, in an outfit that has yet to appear. It must be in episode 8.

Then we see a man take the crown of Viserys (anyone who reads the book knows the moment), which I estimate is from episode 10.

There’s a picture of Alicent at the board table, which I estimate is from Episode 9 (The Green Council) and we see Aemond grown up, training with Ser Criston Cole (and kicking ass!), which we know is from Episode 8. Also the classic scene. of the feast that will be in episode 8.

Alicent, worried, looking out the window (the same one we saw Rhaenyra, in Viserys’ room), must be episode 8 or 9. And Rhaenys asking Alicent if she’s ever seen herself on Iron Throne, which I’ll seal is from episode 9. Readers of the book will understand me.

The image of Aemond, with the hood and menacing gaze, is also to come. I also feel like it’s from episode 10, also because of the book.

Lastly, we still haven’t seen the image of the dragon that I had already staked as Cannibal and it’s the complement of the image of Daemon going to see him, in Dragonstone. That should be in episode 10 too.

Unfortunately, there are only 3 episodes left to enter the waiting module again. Who can take it?


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