Sauron: The Smallest Surprise in Rings of Power

Here it is about SPOILER. If you haven’t seen the final episode of Rings of Power, well, that’s it. You’ve seen the picture.

After months dragging us in slow motions and a very slim plot – Galadriel seeks revenge – we came to the conclusion of the story at a speed that should have been applied 8 episodes ago. The secret was so obvious that only the irritating Galadriel refused to listen. As Halbrand very accurately reminds her: “I have always told you the truth.” And he did.

The big surprise of the season revolved around the identity of Sauron, who the elf knew was alive and who spent two months hallucinating half the world to find and kill. And the solution for her was in the 1st episode. Honestly? WELL DONE, GALADRIEL. You actually helped Sauron to gain power over the universe.

The Rings of Power series is a breathtaking production, with quality photography, sets, and costumes that are absolutely flawless and unique. Any other is light years from what Amazon Prime Video presented. Unfortunately, in my opinion, even that didn’t save a dragged series, with a weak cast and an absolute inability to engage. Were it not for Robert Aramayo as Elrond, there would be no one left.

Morfydd Clark‘s Galadriel has flaws in the actress, but mainly in the concept. The emphasis on revenge was essential to her arc, but it translated on screen as arrogance and sociopathy. The refusal to listen to people and care about them only appeared in the penultimate episode, after he confronted Adar (Joseph Mawle). He who said what we wanted since the premiere, “look at yourself in the mirror before talking about others” was the best summary for the pivotal character. If she had a hint of empathy she would not find out about Sauron too late.

Australian Charles Vickers was a great Halbrand/Sauron. His arc is ok within the story and hints have been given – more SCREAMING – since he appeared on the screen. The problem was the time it took to get where we are.

One thing that can be argued is that the message of the work remains intact: evil is not obvious (if your name is Galadriel) and that good intentions are not always enough.

Rings of Power wasn’t a series like it could have been. The expectation was high, but the failure was basic. The second season should only – if confirmed – come in 2024. Always in the shadow of the much more effective House of the Dragon. My heart aches with disappointment.


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