Catarina’s sacrifice in The Serpent Queen

Catherine de Medici‘s relationship with Diane de Poitiers and Henry II was the best example that Princess Diana would define centuries later about Camilla Parker-Bowles and King Charles III: “it was a little too crowded”. A relationship of three, where the lover has the husband’s preference, domain and heart, and freedom, while the wife has to share, accept and still behave. No one blames her for getting fed up with this situation that has dragged on for decades. And with that turn, we see the snake’s boat. That’s right, Catherine wants to rule – or have peace – and Diane won’t let her… it’s time to get rid of that weight. And pay the price.

Ruggieri warns the Queen that she knows that the sacrifice will be losing Henry II, but by now Catherine already knows that she never had or will have him and that Diane will not leave of her own accord. No, the Italian does nothing to kill him, but with all her foreboding and vision of what would happen, she let it happen. That’s right, Henry II dies in an accident, and – then – Diane completely loses any power or value in Court.

Not that this means Peace for Catherine. In fact, even less. His son is married to the manipulative (in the Serpent Queen’s eyes, of course) Mary of Scots, a Guise, so he’s at war with the Guises and needs to get rid of his enemies. The last episodes will be about this battle. What is clear is that next week we will say goodbye to Diane and a great performance from Ludivine Sagnier.

Will be missed!!!


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