Catarina says goodbye to her husband with a Bob Dylan classic

In the same sequence as the songs used in The Serpent Queen, another rebel closed the season 1 episode, now Marianne Faithfull with her version of the Bob Dylan classic: It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.

One of the artist’s greatest hits, the song is actually a farewell to a loved one, in the case of Catherine de Medici, her husband, King Henry II. If in part with the love of her life, she finally gets rid of Diane de Poitiers, now she faces the fanatical and equally cunning Mary, from Scotland, married to Catherine’s firstborn and Guises’ niece. And other farewells will come in this war for power.

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue is a ballad, different from the previous rocks, but in the voice of Marianne Faithfull it gains rebellious airs. Muse of Mick Jagger, daughter of nobles and one of Swingin’ London’s most sought-after models of the 1960s, her life will be a movie in production with Lucy Boynton in the lead role and will show the rise and fall of Marianne, involved with drugs and scandals. Written in 1965 as part of the album Bringing It All Back Home, for many years the “baby blue” of the title generated speculation. The most popular is that it went to Joan Baez and others which is a metaphor for his departure from folk (he would later switch to electric guitar, something that also became a film starring Timothée Chalamet, Going Electric. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue was Dylan’s last song when he said goodbye to the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 and where he was booed off the stage.

The perfection in The Serpent Queen is because the song is about endings and beginnings, where “Baby Blue” has to say goodbye and get on with life.

She arrived so unexpectedly
With a thousand untold truths
Hidden in behind a smile
You couldn’t see through
And all those frown lines on her forehead
Disappeared before my eyes
She told me I’d arrived, just in time

And you could see it in her face
There was more than meets the eye
Something hidden all those years
And hidden deep inside

So Goodbye Baby Blue
Goodbye Baby Blue
I spent so long thinking of you

She would lie awake
Every night I’d hear her cry
Her mind in slow decay
I guess she couldn’t take goodbye

So Goodbye Baby Blue
Goodbye Baby Blue
It’s been so long, I’m thinking of you

So Goodbye Baby Blue
Goodbye Baby Blue
It’s been so long, I’m thinking of you

I’m thinking of you


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