Pablo Larraín will retell Maria Callas’ final days with Angelina Jolie

Pablo Larraín has a thing for strong women. With Jackie, he discussed how Jacqueline Kennedy evaluated her period as First Lady, earning Natalie Portman an Oscar nomination. Then it shocked the surprising world by casting Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in Spencer, focusing on the last three days in the midst of the Royal Family. Another Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. Last week he announced yet another project: Angelina Jolie will play Maria Callas in another biography that will address the last days of her life, Maria.

“Having the chance to combine my two deep and personal passions, film and is a long-awaited dream, and to do so with Angelina, a chosen and curious artist is a fascinating opportunity. A real gift,” the director told Deadline.

Angelina Jolie also said: “I take my responsibility for Maria’s life and legacy very seriously. I will give everything I can to face the challenge.”

Who will sign the script is Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders), who worked with Pablo on the controversial Spencer. In it, the story is fixed on the three days of the last Christmas that Diana spent among the Windsors before seeking separation from Charles. The film brought a critical view to everyone, including the princess, and will remain in the light of Diana’s troubled psychological state at the time, with bulimia and paranoia. The coldness of the Royal Family was such that there is not even a dialogue between them (only Charles) and many repressive looks.

The decision to show the last days of Callas, who passed away 45 years ago (on September 16, 1977), alone, at home, at the age of 53, indicates that unless there are flashback scenes, it will not be a feature with Angelina “lip syncing” the soprano. Especially as at the end of her life Maria’s voice wasn’t the same and she abandoned the stage, gave few presentations, taught classes and isolated herself in Paris.

The Opera star defined herself separated by “Callas” and “Maria”. Callas, the opera icon was a demanding, and disciplined star, but was discarded in her late 40s, when she began her troubled relationship with Aristotle Onassis. Maria then gained center stage, enjoying life, love, and friends. However, after years of not marrying her (and even inducing Maria to have an abortion), Ari point guard left for Jacqueline Kennedy, breaking her heart. That’s right, Maria is directly linked to Jackie because it was shortly after Robert Kennedy‘s death that the former first lady joined Ari and with that irreparably broke Maria’s life.

(My guess is that Pablo Larraín needs to make a film about Marilyn Monroe to recount the connection of the three women linked by love and unhappiness: Jackie, Marilyn, and Maria).

Maria’s final days have a certain mystery. After Ari’s death, with whom she had reconciled a few days earlier, she lost the reason to move on, spending most of her time alone, sad, and remembering the past. Her heart “stopped” and many consider this to be the greatest example of someone who chose to die for love. (In fact, she had heart conditions for years and some allege that she got addicted to prescripted drugs)

Maria Callas is the most famous soprano in history, popularizing opera long before Luciano Pavarotti and other tenors. She became known for her voice and her ability as an actress, preferring Italian dramatic works. I will revisit more about her because of course she is one of my passions.


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