5 Pivotal Moments in Season 2 of House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon season 1 ended less than a week ago and we are already orphans. Filming is scheduled to resume between March and April, so we will have to wait until the second half of 2023 or, more likely, March 2024. But we can speculate and anticipate what should go into Season 2. SPOILERS!

First, a quick recap: We meet the Targaryens at the height of their power, but with a small family crisis. King Jaeherys was left without a male heir with the death of his firstborn and chose to ignore his granddaughter Rhaenys’ turn, choosing his other son, Baelon instead. However, Baelon died as well, and to validate his choice, the King opened the decision to be voted on by the Lords of Westeros, who once again ignored Rhaenys and chose Viserys.

Viserys did not have a son and his younger brother Daemon appeared to be his successor. Under the influence of Daemon’s enemy Otto Hightower, Viserys chooses his daughter Rhaenyra as his successor. The king is widowed and marries again, with Otto’s daughter, Alicent Hightower, with whom he has four children (we only saw three), three of them, men, but despite political pressure, he no longer changes his mind.

Rhaenyra has a rebellious nature, has been involved in some hushed-up scandals, and has married her cousin for convenience. Her three sons look more like her lover than her husband, causing instability in her position as heiress. When she becomes a widow, she marries her uncle, Daemon, which balances her in the face of enemies. At this point, Alicent and Rhaneyra have a conflicted relationship and their children reflect this rivalry.

Viserys dies, but Alicent mistakes his last words and crowns her son, Aegon, as his successor. In shock, Rhaenyra loses the baby she was expecting and tries to find out who her allies really are. Her son, Lucerys, is killed by Aemond Targaryen (an accident) and we end the season with the certainty that now the family will shed blood and burn Westeros before leaving just one of them on the Iron Throne.

Facts that will be in season 2

The story stopped just before some extremely dramatic and violent events. Fans of House of the Dragon expect the next stage to end with Rhaenyra’s turn and her ascension to the throne, with the defeat of the Greens (even if only partially). Want to know who dies or who lives in the next season of the series? Beware of book spoilers.

Detail: some changes can be made, such as a more empathetic version of the Hightowers or the accidents we witnessed. But in general, here’s what will happen:

Rhaenyra’s Revenge for Lucerys’ Death

One of the most shocking parts of the House of the Dragon series must be Rhaenyra’s revenge for the death of her son, causing a casualty among the Greens. In the book, is it Daemon who promises: An eye for an eye? Son for Son, Lucerys will be avenged.

Daemon looks for Mysaria (yes, she survives), his former lover who now also harbors hatred for the Hightowers ever since they had tried to have her killed (actually it was Ser Larys Strong, but with Alicent’s consent). Mysaria’s revenge will be shared with Rhaenyra, with the hiring of assassins Blood and Cheese.

The two men infiltrate Red Keep and take Alicent hostage, as she has daily visits from her daughter, Helaena, and her grandchildren, sons of Aegon II. Blood and Cheese wait until the young woman comes, kill the guards, and hold the children. It is Cheese who asks Helaena which of her children she wanted them to kill in response to Lucerys’ death. The queen despairs and offers to be killed in their place, but Blood refuses. It has to be one of the boys.

When Helaena delays, they threaten to rape 6-year-old Jaehaera. In desperation, she chooses her youngest son, Maelor, because she hopes he doesn’t understand what is happening. To everyone’s surprise, Blood beheads Prince Jaehaerys, the firstborn. Blood and Cheese flee through the secret passages with the prince’s head in hand.

Helaena never recovers from the trauma. There are theories that choosing Jaehaerys is more than picking Aegon’s firstborn and successor, but proof that the children are actually Aemond’s, the one responsible for Lucerys’ death.

This sequence of events is important for the future and is one of the most anticipated by fans of the book and will be on either of the first episodes of Season 2.

The Greens’ response is quick. Blood is apprehended two days later trying to take Jaehaerys’ head to Daemon in Harrenhal to collect his reward. Tortured for 10 days, before dying he confesses to Mysaria’s involvement in the scheme.

The guards search for Mysaria and Cheese, to no avail. Enraged, Aegon II wants to attack Dragonstone to avenge his son’s murder, but Ser Criston Cole suggests another plan. He sends Ser Arryk Cargyll to infiltrate the castle and kill Rhaenyra. Or her children. Or both (preferably).

Cargyll Bowl

Cole’s plan goes awry and it will be another defining moment of Season 2. The clash of twin brothers Eryk and Arryk Cargyll is one of Westeros’ greatest legends. The brothers who are on opposite sides bump into each other by accident in Dragonstone. Without a word, they know the intent of Arryk’s presence in Black territory. They fight to the death of both. After the Cleganne brothers, this clash between relatives is one of the most anticipated in the series. And tragic.

We will return to Winterfell

Ser Cregan‘s participation will be of utmost importance in Season 4, with the seeds planted here in Season 2. Firstborn of Ser Rickon, who swore allegiance to Rhaenyra, he rose to the position of Warden of the North after his father’s death and has a strained relationship with his uncle, who was his regent until he could rule. He has a bastard half-sister, Sara Snow, with whom he is very attached (but not incestuously), is a widower (although young), and is the father of a boy.

Jace and Cregan will get along well because the prince somehow resembles the Starks’ younger brother, who passed away a few years ago. Their friendship yields an oath of brotherhood, but there is a controversial “gossip” that will also be clarified in Season 2. One version says that Jacaerys and Sara will fall in love and marry in secret. When Cregan discovers the romance, he just isn’t furious anymore because the two are legally married. If that’s true, Jacaerys will be like Robb Stark from House of the Dragon, breaking his oath and betrothal by falling in love with another. The second hypothesis of the story does not link Jace to Sara, but establishes that Lord Cregan and the Prince make a deal, the Pact of Ice and Fire, in which they promise to marry their children. Be that as it may, the North is with Rhaenyra.

The problem is, Northerners have to get ready for winter first, and as Daemon complained in Episode 10, they’re slow. Faithful, but without the necessary timing for the clash to come.

Rhaenys faces off against Aemond and Aegon

Rhaenys and Rhaenyra’s relationship has always been troubled and the “death” of Laenor Velaryon was wisely used in the series as yet another reason why the Queen That Never Was took a while to define which side she would support. The motivation for being with the Blacks was mixed with sisterhood and focus on the granddaughters’ future, both promised to Rhaenyra’s children. And yes, a little admiration that she wouldn’t be a moody queen.

Lucerys’ death is a blow to the Velaryons as well as he was the heir of the Driftmark and even though he didn’t look like one of them, he was officially the grandson of Ser Corlys and Rhaenys Velaryon. We said goodbye to Rhaenys in Season 1 when she flew with Meleys to protect the Velaryon fleet from an attack by the Greens. She is the third dragon, with Jace heading North and Luce, to his death in Storm’s End.

Even overcome by grief, in the book, Rhaenys and Corlys prevent Rhaenyra’s youngest, Joffrey, from seeking revenge for his brother’s death. With a Rhaenyra wracked by grief, the couple takes the helm of the Black war council.

But there is a tragic twist, once again involving the diabolical Ser Criston Cole. He leads a seaborne assault on House Staunton, who asks for help at Rook’s Rest. Terrified at the prospect of losing her firstborn, Rhaenyra forbids Jacaerys from going to the rescue, and Rhaenys leaves alone. Arriving there, she discovers that it is an ambush.

King Aegon II and his brother Prince Aemond are in hiding and surprise Rhaenys flying with Sunfyre and Vhagar. Even with Meleys’ skill, the dragon couldn’t face two opponents, least of all Vaghar. Still, Rhaenys faces the two brothers alone.

The three dragons attack each other and fall tangled up. Sunfyre is severely maimed and Aegon suffers burns over half of his body, including his left arm (with the armor melted and mixed with the skin), as well as breaking his hip and several ribs. It will take a year lying on a bed, recovering, and being medicated and the scars all over your body will be visible. During this recovery period, Aemond, who escaped the clash with his life, will be regent.

And Rhaenys? Well, she dies with Meleys in the attack. Beneath the dragon’s carcass was found a body believed to be that of Rhaenys. Identification is difficult as the body of a burned woman was so blackened that no one could be sure it was her.

Rhaenys’ death will have a double negative impact on Rhaenyra’s allies. Ser Corlys Velaryon is furious with the Queen for sending his wife on a call for help alone. We will miss Rhaenys.

Jace is the victim of an attack by the Greens

In both the books and the series, we see that Jacaerys has been trained by Rhaenyra as her heir and he and his mother have an understanding and strong bond. His mission to the North was successful, gaining important allies for the Blacks.

The prince’s diplomatic streak will be even clearer when he is the one who manages to reconcile Corlys and Rhaenyra after Rhaenys’ death. Naming his grandfather the Hand of the Queen, Jace immediately begins planning the attack on King’s Landing with Corlys.

With the war raging, Jace postpones his wedding to Baela until after the capital’s invasion. With two fewer dragons, in the book, he is the one who suggests recruiting new riders to fly free dragons. In the series, the idea is Daemon’s. In any case, in this period we will see the entry of two important characters, Addam of Hull, who will be adopted by Lord Corlys made heir to Driftmark. Fans theorize that with the truth of Laenor’s fate, it will be the return of the real Velaryon that will thrill Corlys, but his identity will never be revealed so as not to threaten Rhaenyra’s cause. See you The others are Hugh Hammer, Ulf White, and Nettles. We’ll talk more about them later.

Returning to the ever-protective Jacaerys, after losing Luce, he plots a strategy to protect his brothers by getting them out of Dragonstone, where they are targeted by the Greens (now under Aemond’s command). Joffrey is sent to the Vale and the prince will personally ensure the safety of his half-brothers, Aegon and Viserys, when they are sent to Pentos. The boat carrying the princes is intercepted by the Triarchy (bought by the Greens and Otto Hightower).

Aegon III manages to escape on his dragon, Stormcloud, returning to Dragonstone (which turns out not to be the best idea). Even in the battle, there is a twist of fate. After winning the fight, Jace flies with Vermax very low and the dragon is wounded by arrows, falling onto one of the flaming boats. Jacaerys still clings to the wreckage but will be hit by many arrows until he sinks into the sea. Rhaenyra loses another child, her firstborn and successor. Invading King’s Landing becomes a priority, but she doesn’t even suspect that she will still have more losses.

A significant defeat for the Greens

The second season will give the feeling of superiority or luck to Rhaenyra’s enemies as she is the one who suffers the most relevant losses of the season, losing Rhaenys, Jacaerys, and other allies. But thanks to Daemon she turns the tables.

After Rhaenys’ death, when Aegon was badly wounded, it is Aemond who takes command of the Seven Kingdoms, acting as Regent in his brother’s stead. His obsession becomes defeating his uncle, Daemon, an excellent war strategist who is making his headquarters in Harrenhall. With Ser Criston’s support, Aemond plans an attack on the castle. When they get there, victory is easy because they find the place abandoned. Anticipating that his nephew would make a point of coming to attack him personally, Daemon rightly senses that the Greens have left the capital vulnerable and leaves Harrenrall in secret.

Flying with Caraxes, Daemon encounters Rhaenyra, who has come to meet him with Syrax, and Ser Corlys arrives by sea. King’s Landing passes into Black control. Alicent Hightower still tries to warn her son to return but is stopped by the Gold Capes, always faithful to Daemon, changing sides. Also when using Caraxes to execute traitors, Daemon didn’t even have to argue much. Soon Alicent acknowledges defeat. Ser Larys Strong helps Aegon II escape and the season should end with Rhaenyra finally sitting on the Iron Throne.

Those are the five big events that will surely take up most of the second season of House of the Dragon, according to the book.

But there’s still a lot of excitement to come… the series is not for the faint of heart…


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