The Starks Return in House of the Dragon

In the first episode of House of the Dragon we hear Rickon Stark swear allegiance to Princess Rhaenyra as successor to the Iron Throne, but then no Starks in the series. For Game of Thrones fans, they were our “Blacks”, the gray good guys in the plot, slaughtered by their enemies but ending the saga with the first Stark ruling over all six (the North remained independent) of all of Westeros. However, we ended the first season of House of the Dragon with one certainty: winter is coming.

Prince Jacaerys has been tasked with flying to Winterfell and confirming where House Stark stands in the conflict between the Targaryens. In this way, we will certainly hear the Goodbye Brother theme, which is the theme of the Starks and review one of the most striking scenarios in the universe created by George R. R. Martin.

We must enjoy every minute, be warned. After this passage, which we are going to talk about again, the Starks return at the end of the story, with another remarkable passage. And they are a house of loyalty: their support is for Queen Rhaenyra.

The internet is already buzzing with speculation as to who will play Cregan Stark, the patriarch who resembles Ned Stark for us. Equally, there is curiosity about Sara Snow, his bastard sister, which some claim is a romance for Jacaerys. If Robert Arayamo wasn’t committed to Rings of Power, I would love to see him on the show again, now in a potentially bigger role. His cameo as the young Ned Stark was one of the most defining moments in the franchise and he proved his talent as an actor. Can I dream of him like Cregan? Another name fans would like to be considered is Travis Fimmell, but unfortunately, it seems difficult too.

Cregan Stark will play a pivotal role in the Dance of Dragons conflict, ushering in the brief period of Hour of the Wolf, which was a milestone for Rhaenyra and Daemon’s son, Aegon III. Before that, let’s remember its history.

Son of Lord Rickon, Cregan was 13 years old when his father died and his uncle, as regent, was slow to pass power to the true heir, creating a complicated relationship in the family. So much so that upon assuming his role as Warden of the North, Cregan had his uncle and his three cousins ​​arrested.

In his love life, he was also unlucky. He married his childhood sweetheart who died in childbirth, giving birth to their only child, Rickon (named after his grandfather). Cregan had already lost a younger brother and got along well with his bastard sister and when he meets Jacaeyrs, he transfers part of his brotherly feelings to him.

Although House Stark remained uninterested in royal politics and aloof from court affairs, they maintained their support for Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and established a Pact of Ice and Fire with Jace, where they would unite their houses with the sons of Cregan and Jacaerys. However, before going to the South to fight for the Queen, they needed to prepare for winter and this reduced the strength of the blacks for a while.

Roderick Dustin, Lord of Barrowton, commanded the first wave of Northerners in the Civil War, the Winter Wolves, vital in the victory against the Greens at Riverland, but later defeated at the First Battle of Tumbleton.

After the tragic death of Prince Jacaerys, Rhaenyra had to flee King’s Landing after the mob took the Dragonpit to kill the dragons, and Cregan sent a message from Winterfell that he would gather ten thousand Northmen to defend her. Unfortunately, too late. Aegon II kills his sister at Dragonstone.

For a Stark, a Green victory didn’t settle the matter. Rhaenyra was the rightful Queen and therefore her successor was Aegon III, hostage to his eponymous uncle. Cregan marches south, arriving in the capital shortly after Aegon II has been poisoned by his supporters, Lord Corlys Velaryon among them. Ever a supporter of justice, Cregan imprisoned many members of the Court for the murder of Aegon II.

For six days, Cregan led the Council at the Red Keep and so it became known as the Hour of the Wolf. The new king, Aegon the Younger, was imprisoned and in the face of Cregan’s clear power, he was freed and crowned. Lord Stark – for Peace – agreed not to put some of the traitors to death and was named Hand of the King.

For a traumatized young Aegon III, Cregan’s presence was essential to establishing himself as King. He managed to convict most of Rhaenyra’s traitors, including Corlys Velaryon, Lord of the Tides, who claimed to have acted for the good of the Seven Kingdoms, and Larys Strong, Lord of Harrenhal, who refused to offer a defense. Corlys’ granddaughters Baela and Rhaena convinced Prince Aegon to spare Corlys.

As the man who passes the sentence has to be the executioner, Cregan Stark beheaded the traitors but also left his position as Hand of the King to return to the North. Aegon III was eternally grateful for the Starks’ unconditional support. Unfortunately, the pact to unite Fire and Ice would only come to fruition years later, with Jon Snow’s parents, another story.

Given all this, it will be essential to follow the choice and entry of the Starks in House of the Dragon. Who’s anxious?


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