The Crown: Anxiety Rises

After a 3 year hiatus, we are just days away from The Crown season 5 premiere. If the previous seasons had less impact, the 4th has already started to create annoyance in the Royal Family and experts. After all, it’s getting closer to present times, with 40 years (now it will be 30) of space for 2022, therefore dealing with living people and hoping the past is forgotten. Impossible.

Princess Diana‘s entry last season marked the beginning of one of the most troubled periods for the Monarchy. In addition to being iconic in fashion, Diana paved the way for changes in cultural behavior that shake the foundation of the concept established in the British Monarchy: discretion, dedication, and above all, silence.

Having embarked on the inglorious quest of a doomed marriage, the princess turned down the complacent role that seemed to be written for her. She made her unhappiness clear, then the cause, and finally, what she expected from the indifferent husband who is now King.

The impact of Diana’s passage into the Royal Family can still be seen today, in the footsteps of her son, Harry. And The Crown, not at all subtle, will address the annus horribilis in which Windsor literally caught fire and from the ashes, a Diana phoenix emerged.

The season ends just before the tragic death of the princess, 25 years ago, but it’s already spinning all the tragedy and getting close to current generations. At first, the 6th season (in recording) would be the last… but of course, there is a breath to reach the current times.

We have already talked about several facts that will be in the series, and, from the 9th, we will have new posts here about The Crown. Binge is granted… will we have any surprises?


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