The Crown episode titles

The best source for all The Crown information is the @thecrownfas Instagram account and today shared the list of episode titles for season 5 of the series.

Shall we try to theorize?

Episode 1 – The Queen Victoria Syndrome

The title is not about issues of hemophilia, an evil that afflicts the descendants of Queen Victoria, but the Ruby Jubilee when Elizabeth II equaled her great-grandmother in her reign time. If you think about Diana, this is one of the most delicate episodes for King Charles because it suggests that he acted behind his mother’s back, trying to force the abdication.

Episode 2 – The System

The system obviously points to The Firm and its oppressive “system”, but it is said that it will focus both on the friendship between Penny and Philip and on the process of elaborating Diana’s biography, signaling that it will show the system elaborated by the princess and Andrew Morton to that he would receive her recordings through his friend James Colthurst.

Episode 3 – Mou Mou

Here we are talking about the Al Sayed Family, as Mohamed Al Sayed approached Lady Di and became her friend, bringing his son closer to the princess.

Episode 4 – Annus Horribilis

The title says it all: the fire, separations, and scandals of 1992

Episode 5 – The Way Ahead

Here it refers to the group led by the Queen, made up of senior royals and advisers, who met twice a year to take the temperature of public opinion.

Episode 6 – Ipatiev House

There are two stories here. Elizabeth II’s visit to Russia and how her presence recalls the tragic trajectory of her cousin ​​Romanovs. The Queen’s great-grandfather refused to help the Russian monarchs, “canceled” at the time, who were arrested and executed in the 1917 Revolution. A delicate passage for the Royal Family to this day.

Episode 7 – No Woman’s Land

The episode should center on Diana’s game changer, as she openly takes on the narrative of her life. The “Revenge Dress” episode.

Episode 8 – Gunpowder

This is the episode that makes reference to the revolution against Parliament, but which is actually all the backstory of Diana’s interview with BBC’s Martin Bashir. Explosive, like the title. And Diana knows Hasnat.

Episode 9 – Couple 31

It seems to be the episode in which Charles tries to spare Camilla from criticism and questions about his union with Diana being just a facade.

Episode 10 – Decommissioned

The season ends with Hong Kong’s “return” to China, as well as Diana’s final days before her fateful trip with Dodi Al-Fayed.


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