Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo Belong to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Pat Benatar‘s voice and records were iconic in the 1970s and 1980s when she dominated the charts, MTV, and was one of the rare active female rockers, a legend who long ago should have been in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Since November 5, 2022, she has been where she always belonged.

Since their debut album in 1979, In ​​The Heat Of The Night, there have been several classics. Always alongside her partner and husband, Neil Giraldo, Pat Benatar was a star, but in the last 30 years he began to perform as a duo and it was with Neil that he accepted the induction in the Hall that the fans elect. More than deserved.

A pioneer and a huge inspiration and influence to so many women who are rock artists now, Pat has always been original. Presented by Sheryl Crow, the singer took the stage with her husband, thanking him in particular. “And you, my partner – my love,” she said. “Forty-three years ago in a rehearsal studio in New York – could you imagine tonight, tonight?”

It was out of love for Neil Giraldo that Pat Benatar delayed her Rock Hall induction for more than two decades, only accepting when she could be inducted with him. “I’ve lobbied for the last 25 years to give him the credit he’s due,” she told Billboard. “I’m sure we would both have succeeded separately, but together that’s what really made it happen and made it what it has become.

As he himself defined it: it was a partnership made in heaven. Among the hits they sang were All Fired Up, and two of their biggest hits: Love is a Battlefield and Heartbreaker. A night to celebrate! And here, the playlist.


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