The spectacular and sensitive soundtrack of Dangerous Liaisons

Canadian composer Anne Nikitin is responsible for the AMAZING soundtrack to Lionsgate Plus’ Liaisons Dangerous series. Awarded for previous works such as Little Birds, she also wrote the soundtrack for Dropout. But it is with a full orchestra, creativity, and sensitivity that his music has contributed to highlighting the excellent series that recounts the youth of Valmont and the Marquise de Merteiul.

Daughter of Polish and Romanian immigrants, she was born in Canada and studied composition in England, with teachers such as renowned soundtrack composers Dario Marianelli and Gabriel Yared, being an assistant to George Fenton. In 2006 he won the BBC’s main award for New Talent, New TV Composers, and went on to compose scores professionally. He debuted in cinema in 2012, with the film The Imposter, by director Bart Layton and gained prominence in the specialized critics, and has only been collecting nominations and praise since then.

As she herself explains on her website, although she is eclectic in her works, “she has an affinity for dark, melancholic and atmospheric music, growing up with large doses of bands like The Cure, Sonic Youth, and Radiohead, among others. Whether with guitars or orchestras, Anne has a remarkable melody for each work. If in Dropout he was able to use synthesizers a lot, to punctuate “the world of science”, with the new series there would be no way to escape the classic, at least not completely.

As a fan of the soundtrack to the 1988 film Dangerous Liaisons, written by none other than her teacher, George Fenton, Anne faced the challenge with an open heart. “I remembered the movie, I was familiar with the book, and I thought, ‘I want to be a part of the project,’” she said in a behind-the-scenes story.

To make things even more interesting, Anne decided to avoid the “traditional sound” of period films, bringing modernity to the story with a more avant-garde approach. He had the opportunity to go to Prague to follow the recordings and even compose a 12 minute opera, which appeared in some episodes. It was for her one of the most defining moments of her career, inspired by Mozart’s compositions. Being able to be backstage when her music was played on stage was special for her. “Being able to sit there and listen to my opera was a special experience,” he said.

I’m betting on awards for Anne Nikitin‘s work with Dangerous Liaisons. She deserves it!


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