80 years of one of the greatest classics of cinema: Casablanca

Behind-the-scenes legends abound, but if there’s one movie that stands the test of time, it’s Casablanca. On and off screen is a tale of victory over adversity, integrity, impossible love, and a dream of peace. In times of algorithms, perhaps it would not have survived: the box office was weak and the critics did not like it, it would hardly be considered among successes. Among the accolades from the Academy, he received an Oscar for Best Film, Direction, and Screenplay, therefore the maximum triple of perfection. And today, November 26, 2022, they complete 80 years of its release in theaters.

Do you know what’s impressive? Casablanca is set in World War II and was produced and released when the events on screen were happening in reality. An example of film noir, with betrayals, surprises, mysteries, and an impossible romance. The love story stands out because it fights precisely against the greater good, where there is much more at stake than the happiness of the main couple.

Casablanca united star Humphrey Bogart with young Swedish newcomer Ingrid Bergman, making her debut in American cinema. Their undeniable chemistry, underscored by the legendary soundtrack and their song As Time Goes By, sung by pianist Sam (Dooley Wilson), is one of the most quoted, repeated, and beloved moments in the cinema of all time. All shot in the studio, it started shooting even before finishing the script. By the way, there are many legends about the backstage of the production, but little surprise that Casablanca is still considered the third-best film in history.

Today is the day to remember this classic available on the HBO platform. Indeed, in times of so much conflict and division, Casablanca‘s message has never been more timely. After all, Rick tries, but maintaining neutrality in war or love is a losing battle.


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