Secrets and sins make dangerous liaisons

We are closer to the end of Season 1 and only a few questions have been answered, but they are important. Camille (Alice Englert) and Pascal de Valmont (Nicholas Denton), still with chemistry and attraction between them, form a more balanced partnership to achieve their goals, but are going up against shrewd opponents. It will not be easy.

With constant twists and surprises, Dangerous Liaisons is one of the most interesting series of 2022, and even if I said that before, it is among the top 5 of the year. It’s no surprise given that the showrunner gave us the great The Alienist on Netflix, but it’s even more exciting. Let’s talk about episode 5 with SPOILERS, starting with the virtuous (?) Jacqueline de Montrachet (Carice Van Houten), and her importance at the heart of the protagonist couple’s relationship.

A reunion of Game of Thrones actors

If there’s one of the undeniable qualities of Game of Thrones, it’s some of the members of the franchise’s original cast. And, unsurprisingly, we find no less than three actors who stood out in the series: Tom Wlaschiha, Carice Van Houten, and Michael McElhatton. In other words, Jaqen H’ghar, Melisandre, and Roose Bolton are three characters that scared the hell out of fans. While Carice and Tom live the (still) mysterious couple of Montrachet, Michael is the manipulative and cruel Marquis de Merteiul. Leaving aside that curiosity that obviously generates interest in Miscelain, let’s get to the episode.

In the previous episode, we saw that Jacqueline de Montrachet’s voice triggered Camille, and, with that, we saw at a glance that the suicide attempt was provoked precisely by the mysterious lady of the French Court. There were rumors that Camille would be her daughter, but we were contextualized with the facts. Camille, an orphan, was taken into the Montrachets’ home and was “adopted” by Jacqueline and Henri. We also see that there is something that also triggered the lady in white: when she was attacked by Camille with a bloodbath in the streets, she became “paranoid” again and locked in the house. Henri De Montrachet (Tom Wlaschiha), who has something to do with the woman’s insecurity in relation to Camille, warns her that “he will not accept that she goes back to acting as before” and that she is expected to maintain her role in society. It is through Henri that we have a reference to the atmosphere in the streets, to the dissatisfaction of the impoverished population, when they suspect that the bloodbath came from someone in the street, not Camille.

This advice or threat somehow helped Valmont, who manages to approach Jacqueline again and is already in her thoughts.

However, the future Marquise de Merteiul has many obstacles. Getting close to Valmont’s stepmother was easy, but fighting the Marquis de Merteiul (Michael McElhatton) is having fun with her efforts to beat him. Not only does he already have a bride lined up for a new marriage, but he also tries to bribe – then threaten – Victoire (Kosar Ali) to retrieve the letter that exposes him. He ends up managing to manipulate Majordome (Hakeem Kae-Kazim), who gives in, and with that Camille’s only weapon is burned. But, thanks to Valmont, she is already ahead.

With reference of the letter to Ariadne, Camille discovers that she is not a woman, but a secret society reserved only for men. Valmont helps her to enter disguised as a man and she discovers that Merteiul is the owner of the brothel where the elite where nobles fulfill their sexual fantasies and suffer blackmail for it. So Camille now has the chance to once again surprise him.

The parallel plot of the obsessed Gabriel, who is berated by his superiors for working on a personal case (finding Camille) finally learns that she is not dead. Where does he fit into all this? We don`t know yet. But it will certainly interfere with Valmont and Camille’s steps.

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