The White Lotus: The Eve of the End

The formula may have been the same as the first season, but it works. Tension is through the roof among guests at The White Lotus. In the next episode, we’ll find out who doesn’t come home.

In episode 7 the plot only moved forward to expose us as honesty versus falsehood is the theme of the season. Is there more intimacy with lies than truths? Other than that, anyone who discovers any truth will die. Who? Let’s theorize.

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Di Grassos

Lucia is definitely playing the innocent Albie. The blow is twofold: giving money to Alessio and being “rescued” to the United States, which has been her goal since the 1st episode. Anyway, Albie is in a lot of danger and yes, he could be one of the bodies that will be floating on the beach.

On the other hand, Bert, who was steady and happy, seemed shaken by the disappointment of not having found relatives in Sicily or even less of being welcomed by what seemed to be them. He also wanted to face Lucía’s pimp, Alessio, who may be trying to save his grandson from the pair’s blackmail. Not excluding, of course, Dominic, who can be the unwitting hero of father and son, paying dearly for it.


Portia knew she was making the wrong choice when she left Albie for Jack, but maybe she finally understood how much she was “kidnapped” for an apparently innocent walk so that Tanya would be left alone at the mercy of her new and suspicious friends. I don’t include Portia among the potential victims, but she will know the truth.

Valentina and Mia

Valentina’s story is the opposite of what we saw in season 1: the gay manager, is obsessed with her straight colleague, but her approach is less aggressive or even abusive. Just background.


The most popular theory is that Tanya is one of the season’s victims, or at the very least, the killer. Her marital crisis with Greg leaves her at the exact moment Quentin appears to manipulate her at a time when she is shaken. The story of the island that Quentin told – the lady who owned a palace and refused to sell it, so the Mafia killed her – seemed like an obvious foreshadowing, as did calling her Madame Butterfly when they went to the opera (the character kills herself at the end when she finds out her husband has another one) and ask if she didn’t think beautiful things (like his mansion) were worth dying for. Tanya just thought there was something off when she saw Quentin and Jack having sex, realizing that they are not uncle and nephew and that there is something off. She also didn’t notice when Quentin said he was having financial problems and that he would have to sell his mansion. Everything screams for her to run, but she stays.

The only story she has now fished out is that the cowboy who was the love of Quentin’s life appears to be Greg. Even so, already drugged and hallucinated, she accepts the mafia gigolo as a “gift” and now we have some (few) doubts.

Quentin has the plan to take Tanya’s fortune. That much is clear. Jack knows, so much so that he helped to remove Portia from the scene (although the young woman was even blinder to the scam). What we don’t know is whether it will be blackmail (she had sex with Nicolo in Quentin’s room, how can you not bet that everything is being recorded?) or pure and clear murder. Everything points to the fact that if Tanya is not one of the floating bodies, she will be a witness to the crime.

We know that the first body found was that of a man. Is it Nicolo? Quentin? Greg? Jack? Matteo?


Lucía is the agent of chaos this season. She uncomfortably calls guests who just wanted to have a good time. First Dominic, who paid for the service and gave her free admission to the resort. Then Cameron – who’s broke and has kissed her, arousing Alessio’s ire – and now Albie, who’s paid and who’s getting emotionally involved with her.

What’s cruel is that either Alessio’s money pitch isn’t quite true (she may have offered an amount to help her look threatened so Albie will “save” her”) or it’s true, but she’s bringing the wrong customers to her. pay Cameron’s bill. Obviously, Albie will offer to pay back what Cameron is owed, but that’s not exactly what she (or Alessio) wants. Whether she and Alessio end up floating in the sea is yet to be confirmed, but it wouldn’t be strange. She herself told Mía that people like her always pay the price…. will it be?

Ethan, Cameron, and Harper

Those who read Miscelana know my theory for this trio, but the script has given her little breath. But it is not buried. Remember Cameron went to Ethan’s bed and said he wanted to “get in there and do wonderful things,” and even though Ethan got up to throw up, the condom was on the couch in the bedroom and not in Cameron’s bedroom, where he had sex with Lucia and Mia. However, what we are seeing is that Ethan and Harper have a serious problem in their marriage (he loves her, but is no longer attracted to her and compensates for his needs with porn sites) and both have bouts of jealousy towards Cameron. Now Ethan is certain that his friend is (apparently) enjoying the space (we know he’s been flirting with Harper in the shrinkage). Whether it’s true or not, there’s something still unexplained that’s driving Ethan into a violent spiral. We see in the trailer that he and Cameron are going to fight and that Ethan is going to try to drown him. The three are not even off the list of possible victims.

The most popular theory of the moment and others

We have a third season of The White Lotus and it is very strange that none of the guests mentioned the death of the manager of one of their units. Signal that the murder was hushed up. However, with more than one body floating on the beach, it will be hard not to make the news. Valentina celebrated that being on the beach couldn’t be linked to the resort, but as it looks like it’s murder or multiple suicides – if it’s one of the guests – it could be “problematic”. The season was ready before the announcement of the next one, so it will be curious. On the thermometer, the ones with the most risk for me are:

  • Tanya
  • Jack
  • Quentin
    I know I change my original bet, but the tips are stronger for that group.


  • Ethan
  • Cameron
  • Harper


  • Alessio
  • Lucia
  • Mia

    Linked to them:
  • Dominic or Bert

Who will die?

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