The White Lotus: No Secrets, But Nothing Obvious

Part of the secret to The White Lotus‘ success is its simplicity. In a resort, a crime takes people by surprise, and – as we go back in time – we deduce who made the final trip to Sicily. We theorized, we looked for clues, and in the end, it was the most obvious of all. Which only made it even brighter.

Let’s end the suspense right away: the main victim was actually Tanya McQuoid (Jenniffer Coolidge), the target of a scam by Greg (John Gries), who wanted the money and the prenup would make him poor. That’s why he wanted the woman to be alone in Sicily and was irritated by the presence of Portia (Haley Lu Richardson).

Quentin (Tom Hollander) never admits that he and Greg were lovers (he calls his boyfriend “Steve”, which is Greg’s real name we shall never know) but he paid Jack (Leo Woodhall) to get Portia away from Tanya and it took a while, but the young woman realized what was happening. She has trouble alerting her boss, and by the time she finally does, it’s too late. Tanya is alone on a yacht, surrounded by her enemies. The episode then becomes extremely tense and claustrophobic, but even anticipating that it is the “end” for the millionaire, Mike White teases us with vain hope.

In as much desperation as we are, Tanya looks for a way out and there is none. Niccolo has a rope, duct tape, and a gun in his bag and he was the one to take her to the hotel. Without thinking, she uses the revolver, shooting wildly and only stopping when – out of ammunition – she sees the trail of bodies she left on the yacht. Afraid of what might yet happen, Tanya tries to climb down to the boat, but slips and falls into the water. Goodbye, Tanya. Greg managed to be a millionaire widower.

Daphne (Meghann Fahy), Cameron (Theo James), Ethan (Will Sharpe) and Harper (Aubrey Plaza)’s toxic vacation comes to a head. In the big truth-or-lie questioning, Ethan “knows” that Harper lied and manages to get a half-confession out of her that she had sex with Cameron. The friends slap and, coincidentally hours later, Ethan bumps into Daphne. Like Harper before him, he tells her what her husband did, but she has the same reaction. Or almost. To Harper, she suggested betraying Ethan, but when she learns that it was with Cameron that she chose to take revenge, she gives the same change by seducing Ethan. We see nothing, but without words or promises, finally, Ethan and Harper reconcile and the four, lying to each other, go on with their lives like nothing is better between them. No truths just lie.

In the same tone, Lucía (Simona Tabasco) deceives Albie (Adam DiMarco) and he gives her 50 thousand euros. To help his father, the boy “lies” to his mother in favor of his father, and everything is settled. In the end, no one speaks the truth anymore.

Although all indications and signs were given to both Tanya and us from the beginning, the final episode is a lesson in how anguish and tension can be built up in “small” and obvious situations. A fun season and since we have the third, which will come in 2024, Is it really in the Maldives as Dapnhe suggests?

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