And Just Like That: what we know about Season 2

Ah… if in 2020 we managed to theorize and anticipate many of the events of the sequel to Sex and The City, the series And Just Like That, in 2022 the production is managing to maintain the mystery, even recording on the streets of New York. Herculean task!

After all, externally we can identify a lot. For example, the tepid reunion between Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and podcast producer Franklyn (Ivan Hernandez) suggests that the elevator crash that ended the first season didn’t pan out. It also looks like Seema (Sarita Choudhury) isn’t going to continue her relationship with the sexy French guy she met by chance. The scene that should appear in the 1st episode shows the two at odds when she gets into her car and leaves the apartment where she lives.

Not that it’s a problem for Carrie’s heart. She was seen getting run over – literally – by a possible new love and in early December, flirting with someone at an oyster bar.

Yeah, we saw that Anthony returns and that Edid Frick (Candice Bergen) reappears, but nothing of Hojen, as expected, or old characters. Decidedly, no Samantha Jones whose role was replaced with merit by Seema Patel. She who has been seen in several exteriors and accompanied Carrie at social events.

By the way, if there is an image that we can already say is “traditional” in And Just Like That, it is that of Carrie, Charlotte, or even Seema talking on the cell phone in the streets of New York. So much so that Seema is stolen in a sequel.

The exterior shots of the second season revealed much less than the first, with almost repeated scenes of the characters on the phone…

We’ve seen little of Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon), who has returned — apparently without Che (Sara Ramirez) — but in part that’s because Cynthia has been directing at least half of this season’s episodes.

So we still don’t know where we stand with Miranda at the moment.

And Charlotte doesn’t seem to be having as many domestic issues and has often been seen walking the dog.

We know that we will have some important parties, Halloween, and a gala.

By the way, an important tip. We’ve seen that Carrie will go back to wearing the wedding dress that was never the official one. That’s right, she posed with him for Vogue but was left at the altar by Big, so the look was unprecedented. In the first episode of the second season of And Just Like That, the dress comes out of the closet and we finally have the character parading through the streets of New York with it. My bet? It’s for the same Gala. Am I right?


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