Rita Lee’s 75th birthday

I’ve been a fan of Rita Lee for as long as I can remember. When I was still little, my father let me choose which LP (that’s right, before it was vintage) and OF COURSE Tutti Frutti was chosen. I sang Ovelha Negra (Black Sheep) without being aware of what the hymn of the originals represented. His 1980 album was one of the ones that almost broke from playing it so much at home. Rita Lee signed the soundtrack of my life, without a doubt.

Beautiful, irreverent, daring, talented, fun, and above all important. Rita Lee is of unique relevance in national music in Brazil. Its hits, its lyrics, its grandiose shows, and the intimate ones. Can’t praise her less.

2022 was a tough year, but one of the victories for Rita, who celebrated the remission of lung cancer in April. Her husband of 47 years, the musician Roberto de Carvalho, paid a passionate tribute to her. “My love will be eternal! That at 75 we are only at the beginning. Happy birthday, love, health, luck, and success in high doses, may all the Forces of Sacred Light in the Universe be illuminating your path. I will go together. Because I love you, I love you, I love you!!!”, he wrote.

In 2021 I made a point of checking out her exhibition at MIS. Her 50-year career playlist was also a special post here in Miscelana.

According to what was released in 2022, she said she is working on another book, a documentary, and even a film about her career.

Today, December 31, 2022, on her 75th birthday, I once again declare my love for Rita. The only.


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