Another biopic in progress: now it’s George Michael’s turn

Some time ago I commented on the effect of reality shows on our consumption. They multiplied “documentaries” (actually formats where the narrative is in the first person without necessarily contemplating opposing sides, as a true documentary should be) and even more bioseries or biopics: series and films of biographies.

On the music side, the success and Oscars of Bohemian Rhapsody, which recounted the trajectory of the band Queen, and the beautiful film Elton, about Elton John, led to new productions such as Elvis (about Elvis Presley), I Wanna Dance With Somebody (about Whitney Houston), in theaters and Amy (about Amy Winehouse), already in production, to name the most recent ones. So, unsurprisingly, there’s the George Michael movie also in development. That’s right, one more!

George’s story has many dramatic elements and a soundtrack announced as perfect, but the best news is about its possible star: Theo James. The White Lotus actor is a favorite of the singer’s family and it makes perfect sense as they both have the same Greek background: George Michael was named Georgios Panayiotou and Theo James is Theodore Taptiklis. The success of The White Lotus kind of erased/compensated for the cancellation of the series The Time Traveler’s Wife, from the same HBO and with Theo as the main star. Asked about the possible new role, he responded excitedly: “He’s an icon. I would love to play him.” Is it better now to think about the probable recordings in Rio? Time travel, huh?


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