Thelma and Louise: a Broadway Musical?

The news came by chance, on the SAG red carpet, but Amanda Seyfried mentioned a project that promises to be interesting: taking the classic Thelma and Louise to Broadway. You didn’t read it wrong. Amanda – who sings a lot – and Evan Rachel Wood (also a singer) are working on adapting the film for the stage, still without an exact prediction for the premiere.

It will be the actress’s debut on the New York stage, something that Amanda dreams of accomplishing, but obviously has anxiety about. For this, the drama of Texan friends dragged into a criminal life in a macho society is perfect because it is also one of the greatest successes in cinema with female characters and a powerful story of sisterhood.

According to Variety, the project has been in the works for two years, spearheaded by the film’s screenwriter Callie Khouri alongside Haley Feiffer and indie singer/songwriter Neko Case. Thelma and Louise, the film, was released in 1991 with Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon in the title roles and won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Who will be Thelma and who will be Louise? We don’t know yet, but very soon we may find out…


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