In The Last of Us, Murray Bartlett returns to drama

Award-winning Australian actor Murray Bartlett is what many know as a “scene stealer”. In other words, when it appears we just look at it. I could too! Finally, in episode 3 of The Last of Us, he gives life to one of the saddest and most famous characters in the game: Frank, Bill’s ex-partner, whose tragic fate marks the passage of the story. Considering his last two appearances were in comedy-drama – The White Lotus and Physical – it will be great to see Murray in a drama again.


In the 3rd episode, as expected, we see how Bill and Frank met and shared a life for almost 20 years. It’s the episode that most differed from the game because in it Frank had already died (killed himself) and left a goodbye letter full of hate for Bill. Here there is none of that. The two see the life left after the pandemic differently, but they love each other until the end. Instead of being bitten and infected before killing himself, Frank has an unexplained illness, which causes him to suffer pain and even become wheelchair-bound. He decides he’s had enough and Bill is reluctant to accept it, but their love is greater.

The big surprise of the episode is that Bill decides to kill himself along with Frank, leaving a letter for Joel that awakens in him a little more empathy. Set to Max Ritcher‘s music and Linda Ronstadt‘s beautiful song, Long Long Time, it’s a beautiful episode. Get the Kleenex ready.

Murray Bartlett was successful in his native Australia before making guest appearances on shows like Sex and the City and starring in the hit Looking. His performance in The White Lotus in Season 1 was full of praise and earned him a well-deserved Emmy Award. In Physical it was the hilarious Vinnie Green, before participating in the mini Welcome to Chippendales, which recounts the true story of Indian immigrant Somen “Steve” Banerjee, who created a stripper empire in Los Angeles and decided to eliminate his competitors and former partners including Nick de Noia, the choreographer played by Murray. Frank will certainly be another success in his career.


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