The Heartbreak in The Last of Us

The Last of Us debuted as a possible phenomenon and is already one of the successes of 2023, leaving HBO at the forefront of launching engaging and exciting content. Dealing with an apocalypse frighteningly close at hand, it’s The Walking Dead revisited. However, the longevity of the Fox series, with no less than 11 seasons and future spin-offs, is even more relevant, both for its tied narrative and innovation. The Last of Us is sensational content, but not necessarily original.

Having said all that, the series remains respectful to the game that was successful, in angles and dialogues, leaving a dangerous map for those who don’t like spoilers. One-click online and we already know what eill happen next. In my case, I don’t care about spoilers but it does take away a lot of suspense. I know where they are heading and I am preparing my heart for each and dreaded moment.

In an apocalyptic universe, obviously, the worst and the best of people lead relationships and, in general, it is the worst side that helps to survive. We see Joel Silver (Pedro Pascal), a soldier who lost his only daughter on the 1st of the pandemic, who always lives at risk, and who also lost his girlfriend and is still looking for his brother with some hope. In a scenario where there is not much chance of survival, and where humans attack humans as well as zombies, it is questionable how he has not yet preferred to shorten his existence, and that is why he is our hero.

Pedro Pascal is flying on this role. His emotions are revealed in small gestures and we are seeing the humanization of someone who has hardened his heart. Bella Ramsey is good as Ellie but yet not empathetic. Ellie takes the opposite path from Joel, born to the bleak backdrop of an Earth in 2033, she has only known pain and fear but had inherent positivity from her youth. Little by little, she understands how Joel closed himself off, following his steps.

Nothing is clearer than the beautiful episode in which we meet (and say goodbye) to Henry and Sam, the brothers whose fate defined the lives of other siblings, Kathleen and Charlie. Henry, to save Sam, who has leukemia, makes the difficult choice to turn Charlie over to his enemies. Betrayal is how he got medicine for Sam, but Charlie is killed, sending Kathleen on a bloody quest for revenge. As with all content of this genre, the tough question of what do you do to survive and save the ones you love? And worse: is it worth trying?

There’s no right or wrong, there’s just a lot of desolation. One short episode most important to the turning point in Joel and Ellie’s relationship, being in Kansas has never been more terrifying since Dorothy was caught in the typhoon in The Wizard of Oz. Too bad stamping your feet doesn’t change anything, the nightmare is really true.


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