The Search for Alys Rivers in House of the Dragon

Test videos are leaking, but no confirmation so far on the cast of House of the Dragon. After Samuel Edward-Cook recorded the test as the killer Cheese, today the networks managed to see the test of actress Emily Beecham as Alys Rivers, a female character of great importance in the next stage of history.

Emily, who starred in the 1899 series, among other titles, recorded two video dialogues for a character with only the initials: AR. Last year there was a big dream – which everyone knows is impossible – of having Elizabeth Olsen as the witch of the forest since she was almost Daenerys Targaryen. Some have even mentioned Lily James for the role (another impossibility), but it was Emily who apparently made the shortlist. Due to the leak, there are those who question whether it is still being considered. I hope so!

Described as a mysterious woman in her 40s, Alys Rivers brings a paradox to the Targaryens’ civil strife. There are those who say that Alys is part of the bastard branch of House Strong (that’s why she uses the last name of Rivers), others that she is a witch and there are even those who defend that she is Melisandre! The fact is that she will be the lover and the great love of Aemond Targaryen‘s life. That’s right… our prince will be completely dominated by her until the end…

In a quick recap, House Strong supports both sides of the Targaryens. Ser Lyonel Strong served as the Hand of the King until his death and Rhaenyra‘s first three children are effectively Ser Harwin Strong‘s, who was her personal Guard. On the green side is Ser Larys Strong, one of Alicent Hightower‘s informants. They ruled in Harrenhall, the cursed castle that burned with the Lyonels and Harwin inside. With Larys in King’s Landing, the land was tended to by Lyonel’s brother, Ser Simon Strong. At the beginning of the second season, Daemon Targaryen will take the castle, as he already warned in the last episode of the 1st season. And here begins the problem with Alys, a likely daughter of Ser Lyonel.

The decision to take Harrenhal is a strategic one, and Daemon threatens to destroy what’s left of the place with Caraxes. Ser Simon, aged, surrenders without resistance, but losing Harrenhal is a problem for the greens. Alys is among those who are dominated by Daemon and one of the recorded scenes is precisely a tense meeting between her and Rhaenyra’s husband.

In the video, Alys presents herself as a kind of healer and is being interrogated by or simply talking to a man who has just taken over the castle where she lives, whom she is attending to heal his wounds. She reminds him that he is below his niece and wife, always ironic, and shrugs off the deaths at Harrenhall (never mentioned by name), remembering that the Castle is and has always been cursed. Alys is seductive and resents both Rhaenyra and Daemon, choosing to side with the greens after Aemond regains Harrenhall.

The torrid romance between Alys and Aemond will be vital for him, who doesn’t leave her after they become lovers. She will witness his death and even become pregnant with Aemond, although her fate and that of the child are never made clear in the book.

The test footage brought excitement and anxiety to fans. All information about the season is kept secret and with the resumption of production, there is hope that they will confirm the biggest names that will be part of House of the Dragon. Alys Rivers would be one of those names. According to Reddit, after Carnival, at the beginning of March, the cast rehearsals begin and the recordings are actually expected for April 17th. At least in Spain, where today is King’s Landing. In other words… another 30 days of secrecy! Until they run out…


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