Aemond Targaryen’s mistress: the sorceress of the forest?

In the previous post about Aemond Targaryen, I anticipated only a few important deaths that will happen because of him and left out A LOT that the book promises us. In just two episodes, without much speech or action, Ewan Mitchell has already proven that he will be one of the highlights of the franchise. Even more, it should guarantee its priority in a disputed ranking of very bad people… but there will be room for a romantic relationship with our favorite villain…

Aemond was born with a grudge and was fueled by negative motivation and envy. The third of a complex marriage – without love – between Alicent Hightower and Viserys Targaryen, he has a lot of connection with his mother, but violence comes from the DNA of his father’s family, which brings him closer to his uncle (which the internet doesn’t let go of the physical resemblance, calling Aemond a Daemon cosplay).

Like Alicent, Aemond has respect for the order of things and what “must be done”, so he particularly hates his half-sister Rhaenyra and her bastard children, because they not only take him out of the order of succession but crown those who don’t follow the rules. Except for a split second when he almost consoled Jacaerys over Ser Harwin Strong‘s death, he’s the worst with his nephews ever. Even Aegon was kinder to Jace and Luce when they were younger, but having lost an eye in a confrontation with Rhaenyra’s children, no one can blame him.

Since then, and the trailer has confirmed, under the eye patch, Aemond wears a blue sapphire in place of his missing eye. He’s going to show Jace when he “takes” one eye back (he’s going to take both of his nephews), plus his life.

Aemond, in the series, made his loyalty and envy of his older brother more clear. As he vents to Ser Criston Cole, of Alicent’s children, he prepared himself, studied, knows how to fight, and has ambition, understanding, and discipline.

The theory of Aegon II’s bastard successor and Aemond’s son (THEORY ONLY!)

On the internet, there are those who suspect that the dialogue in which Aegon complains about having to marry his sister and in which Aemond observes her and confesses that he would “do his duty” as a husband, is a sign that he is in love with his sister, Helaena. Others have followed him into her room when they receive the news of Viserys’ death, as another hint of an intimate relationship between them. Furthermore, there is a conspiratorial current that credits Aemond with the paternity of his brother’s children.

This aspect, therefore, brings another perspective to the beginning of the second season, when Daemon vows to avenge “a son for a son” and kills Aegon II’s firstborn. After all, Lucaerys’ death, though celebrated by the King, was not his request, but the initiative of Aemond, who has no children. Officially, anyway. By having Jaehaerys Targaryen killed, Daemon would be eliminating Aemond’s son in response to Lucaerys’ murder and not harming Aegon as collateral. What’s more, it’s doubly cruel: because it hits Aemond where he can’t admit (having an affair with his sister and being the real father of her children) and at the same time reducing the Greens’ line of succession, as Aemond did with the Greens. black. Will it be? We’ll see…

Harrenhal: fire, blood, and passion?

The cruelty of brothers Aegon and Aemond will be legendary. Unlike Viserys and Daemon, where Viserys was a peacemaker, they both enjoy the carnage, but their perversions are distinct. Aegon is a sexual predator, initiated his brother with prostitutes in Flea Bottom, and detests his sister. Aemond likes Helaena and eventually will “fall in love” precisely with a woman linked to House Strong, which he made so much fun of his nephews.

When the conflict begins, between Blacks and Greens. Rhaenyra’s supporters have more dragons (which brings attack force), but they are on islands (Dragonstone, Driftmark) and need to block the Greens’ earthly advance. Thus, Daemon Targaryen decides to take Harrenhal, which has the strategic position, size, and security to withstand attacks.

The problem will be that, with the deaths of Ser Lyonel Strong and Ser Harwin Strong, Ser Larys Strong – supporter and articulator of the Greens – is Lord of the castle, having left his great-uncle, the aged Ser Simon Strong, as a caretaker. Mounted on Caraxes, Daemon threatens to destroy what’s left of the site and Ser Simon surrenders without resistance. The loss of Harrenhal angers Aegon II because it yields two military victories for the enemies soon after.

In the meantime, Aegon and Aemond kill Rhaenys, but in the battle, the king is seriously injured and needs to adapt to recover. In his place, Aemond sits on the Iron Throne as Prince Regent, ruling as he always dreamed. But he and Ser Criston underestimate Daemon when they decide to confront the Blacks and take back the castle. Upon discovering that he will be attacked, Rhaenyra’s husband also realizes that the two main strategists of the Greens will be far from the capital, creating a unique opportunity for Rhaenyra, who manages to invade King’s Landing without too much trouble and take the Iron Throne.

Ser Criston and Aemond retake Harrenhal without bloodshed but lose the capital of Westeros. Angered, Aemond has Simon Strong and his relatives executed but save a woman, Alys Rivers. Older, described as being about 40 years old, Alys’ origin is discordant in the books. Either a Strongs bastard or a witch, like Melisandre. The fact is, she quickly finds her way to Aemond’s bed.

Ally and Feared: The Witch of Harrenhal

All descriptions of Alys Rivers say that she mastered magical potions and that she could even be a witch of the woods, rumored to bathe in the blood of maidens to remain youthful. Childless (all were stillborn), her power of seduction was undeniable.

Although there are versions that she used her magic to also seduce Ser Criston Cole, it is with Aemond that she has the main connection. This a testament to his support for the Greens when in a moment of absence, Aemond loses Harrehal to a Black ally, Lady Sabitha Frey. It is unknown if it was true or not, but to escape punishment, Alys claims to be pregnant with Aemond’s child and has her life spared. Aemond returns to rescue her and takes her with him when he goes to attack his uncle, claiming that he only found out where he was thanks to his mistress. Another link between Alys and Melisandre is that she has visions of fire, like the red witch. Returning to theories, some suspect that Alys is Melisandre, but nothing is stated in Fire and Blood to prove this.

When flying to duel with Daemon, Aemond has his lover on the back, but leaves her on the ground and kisses her goodbye before departing to his death. Alys followed the entire fight, seeing Aemond’s death and fall (with a sword in the only “good” eye, taken by Daemon, who also falls and is presumed dead.

Claiming to have married Aemond, the father of her child, (thus taking priority to the throne), Alys takes Harrenhal and rules it during the period of Aegon III as the “witch queen”. Her fate – or the child’s – is unclear, but Alys is a staple in the franchise.

Scarlet Witch Rumors Cast

And who will play Alys Rivers? Ever since Elizabeth Olsen auditioned to be Daenerys and was not chosen, fans have dreamed of the actress participating in the franchise. And they bet that the time would have come. Will it be? The actress claims that she would love to participate, but that no one called her. Still.

But it’s time to dream, right?


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