Producers Guild Awards Confirm Oscars 2023 Favorite

The Producers’ syndicate award generally confirms the bellwether for favoritism at the Industry’s most prestigious awards: Oscars and Emmys. So it’s interesting to follow. And who is ahead in 2023? The favorite for months, the curious little Everything Everywhere All at Once. That’s right, directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert were honored at the Director’s Guild Awards, suggesting that they will repeat the feat on Oscar night. With the Best Picture award? Idem.

Since 2009, only three films that won the PGA have not won a best picture at the Oscar. In this case the misses were The Big Short, in 2015; the following year, PGA gave the “certainty” feeling to La La Land so weeks later it surely played a role in the famous gaffe of the surprise defeat at the Academy Awards. The last mistake was in 2019 when 1917 won the PGA but lost the Oscar to Green Book. One of the tips that the PGA gets right? CODA‘s victory, which was repeated later at the Academy party.

At this point, it’s going to be hard to take the Oscar away from Everything Everywhere All at Once. There is no other favorite gaining votes. It looks pretty closed!


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