10 Years of Vikings: Where Are Its Stars?

Sometimes it seems like there’s more time, but it’s only been 3 years since we said goodbye to Vikings, with the redemption of Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) and a hopeful future for Ubbe in new lands. The scariest thing is that 2023 completes 10 years since the launch of the series, an international success that could have gone even higher, had it not been for a project by the History Channell, taking this excellent content from the most unexpected windows, and that would have catapulted the series where it should have made. The franchise that Netflix launched on the heels of its success still doesn’t quite come close to its original, because it misses the showrunner, Michael Hirst. There were six seasons of 20 episodes, with drama and action, plus a series of interpretations. The saga of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his heirs conquered a whole new generation.

In celebration of 10 years of Vikings, some big names from the original cast spoke to the press about the impact of the series on their lives and careers. I had the chance to chat with the beautiful and kind Katheryn Winnick a few years ago and the affection she holds for Lagherta is heartwarming. Shall we try to locate where are the stars of Vikings? Let’s talk about some:

Travis Fimmel

The biggest star of the series, left in the 4th season leaving many people orphans. An unsurpassed performance by the charismatic Australian actor, who has a penchant for characters that are never overt. Whether in cinema (Warcraft; Outlaws, and Dreamland, among others) or streaming (Raised by Wolves), Travis does not repeat himself. He is currently shooting the Black Snow series, where he is not even in the fantasy, western, sci-fi, or period film field. Another powerful performance. Oh, and they also advertise their beer, Travla.

Katheryn Winnick
Lagherta had a much longer life than Ragnar, reaching the sixth season and leaving in one of the most emotional episodes of the saga. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but having killed his rival, Queen Aslaug of Götaland (Alyssa Sutherland) in the back sparked a schism between Ragnar’s sons, a civil war that cost not only his life – accidentally at the hands of Hvitzerk (Marco Ilsø) – as of Bjorg (Alexander Ludwig). But even imperfect, it was… perfect. Incomparable.

Lagherta’s strength was compared to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) from Game of Thrones, but Lagherta was superior to the Mother of Dragons in everything. Leaving the iconic character has not been easy, she starred in some films, such as Wander, The Marksman), and Flag Day-, a police drama directed by Sean Penn. But it was like Detective Jenny Hoyt, from Big Sky, since 2020 she has returned to the homes of her ever-faithful fans.

Alexander Ludwig

Between his musical and acting career, Alexander Ludwig did not stop. He is currently in the cast of the series Heels.

Alex Hogh Andersen

The fact that Alex has not (yet) broken into the US market is surprising as his performance as Ivar The Boneless is indescribably dense, sensitive, and iconic. He has been working more in his country, Denmark, starring in movies and series, between dramas and even comedies. Films such as The Shadow in My Eye and Call Me Dad or series such as Viking – The Downfall of a Druglord (a Danish Narcos), Looking for Those Who Kill, and Centrum.

Gustaf Skarsgård

Unlike his two brothers, who are working in the United States, Gustaf participated in Westworld but is dedicated to working in Europe and was the wizard Merlin in the Cursed series.

And Michael Hirst? Well, he’s involved with Billy The Kid, which is getting a second season. The truth is that we still miss our Vikings a lot, don’t we?


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