Saying goodbye to Ivar, the Boneless (SPOILERS)

Ivar, the Boneless‘s death isn’t a spoiler, but rather a promise in Vikings. The question was who, when and how. The hateful villain, brilliantly played by Alex Høgh Andersen, who became an international star with the role, became the main character of the series, ever since he came in on Season 5. He is the greatest star of the final 10 episodes.

Vikings was created to tell the story of Ragnar and his five sons, Bjorn IronsideUbbeHvitserkSiggurd and Ivar, the Boneless. Siggurd was killed off by Ivar and the remaining four kept each one ogf their father’s qualities and flaws. Together, they were unbeatable. Separated, they were bloody. While they have existed, Vikings is fiction.

Alex Høgh Andersen had a a huge challenge, both physical and psychological to play Ivar, and, although extremely young, he excelled. Not only he crawled and walked showing extreme pain, he brought empathy for his character. Even as hateful as Ivar usually was, he won many hearts. It was a performance criminally overlooked by all the awards.


There is much to talk about Ivar and the series on its last episodes, this post is only about Ivar’s last moments. Yes, it is emotional and will bring tears to everyone’s eyes. There is redemption and Hvtiserk witnesses it. No, it’s not his fate to kill his kid brother or to die in his hands, after all. He is there to hold Ivar in his arms and give him the love he always wanted from his family.


On his last battle against AlfredIvar breaks his leg when he takes a step. It’s all he needed to realize it is the day he is going to die. His eyes are blue. Like, extremely blue. Yet, he is a hero.

He stops Hivtserk to save him. That’s when Hvitserk realizes what’s going on. “Not today”, he says (perhaps quoting Arya Stark, of Game of Thrones?). However, just like the Night King‘s it’s Ivar’s doom. He allows a random Saxon to stab him multiple times, in front of an astonished Alfred.

Ivar looks at Hvitserk and whispers, “Brother…”. Another leg is broken and he falls. That’s it. in his brothers arms he admits, crying, “I’m afraid”. And dies. A hero on the battlefield.

More to come. I have to dry my tears first.

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