Unlikely partnerships uniting skepticism and faith

The third season of The Mandalorian is about the journey of redemption of our hero, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), accompanied by his ‘son’, little Grogu. The premiere was praised and the second episode, shown on International Women’s Day, gave space to female leadership, with a remarkable participation by Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff).

Yeah, I’m going to talk first about the “problems” of the series and the franchise as a whole, and then melt with the manipulator of cuteness, Grogu, who in this episode melts us again. Just like Marvel and DC, Star Wars has grown into a rich universe of intersecting characters and stories, with The Mandalorian being one that circulates amidst many of these dramas. However, if you are not versed and up-to-date on ALL content, not only will you not appreciate the countless easter eggs, but you will float in the story. This is bad. Bo-Katan Kryze’s story is told in the animated series The Clone Wars and Rebels, so when he appears in The Mandalorian, it’s not enough to understand everything quickly. That is, the series does not set out to leave the niche – which is cool – but it is frustrating.

If you’re part of this group, Bo-Katan is a princess of Mandalore and a member of the Death Watch, a terrorist faction of Mandalorians who want to restore the warrior tradition of their home planet, Mandalore. She has a sister, Duchess Satine Kryze, from whom she is estranged due to political differences. Satine is a pacifist and Bo-Katan believes in action. Fought with the Jedi as Ahsoka Tano against the Empire. The princess has lost the Darksaber that determines Mandalore’s ruler, and, as we’ve seen, because it was Mando who retrieved the sword, she’s leaderless and bitter. But he didn’t even hesitate to go help him.

And with a lot of luck, of course, at the end of the first episode, it looked like there would be a diversion and a parallel mission to rebuild IG-11, but we are still on the redemption project, which determines that Mando needs to bathe in the waters of the Mines of Mandalore. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be a full episode for it, would there? The abandoned-looking planet has life and Mando is attacked and captured, forcing Grogu to have to help him. Bringing, of course, Bo-Katan.

The princess gives a show of security and skill and was the best alternative because after saving and feeding the two, she still has to save Mando a second time in mere minutes. It’s just that, when he enters the water to “cleanse” his sins, Mando sinks like a stone and Bo-Katan dives in to rescue him.

To her shock, who didn’t believe it, and to our fright, as she went up, she saw that there was a gigantic living mythosaur, which woke up with the passage of the two. And now? The mythical figure may be the “unifying” solution the princess needs, but will she or Mando dominate him? What about Darksaber? Who is right about Mandalorian culture? One answer is for sure, Bo-Katan and Mando will form a partnership this season and see what results.

And back to my complaint, if the summary didn’t tell you anything, it’s the problem of having to dive into everything or paste the information you find. We’re on the way!


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