Daisy Jones and the Six: Meeting of Destructive Souls

The dramatic trajectory of a successful band in the 1970s continues well in Daisy Jones and the Six. With the advancement of three more episodes, we arrive at what will widen the distance between soulmates. Yes, contradictory.

The story of the series already moves away from the real relationship between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, maintaining the element of chemical dependency that affected the singer’s relationship not only with the guitarist but with everyone. Daisy (Riley Keough) and Billy (Sam Claflin) are “made for each other”, challenging each other, falling in love, and creating beautiful songs in the process. But Billy, who lost his first opportunity by taking the shortcut to overcome the pain of abandonment as a child – yet another pain that brings him closer to Daisy and distances him from his family – is fighting against his nature, while the singer surrenders to addictions.

The three episodes focus on the making of the band’s definitive Aurora album. Camila’s (Camila Morrone) and Eddie’s (Josh Whitehouse) grudges also bring them together, with leftovers, with frustrations. Meanwhile, Karen (Suki Waterhouse), our Christine McVie of the series, almost didn’t bet on Graham’s (Will Harrison) love, but, although genuine, what she puts is very fair: her credibility as a musician and woman can go down the drain when she becomes “the girlfriend”, and for now the two are protecting what they have by keeping it a secret. The ever-positive Warren (Sebastian Chacon) is still the comic relief.

Almost Famous was more effective in bringing the 70s music world to the screen, but Daisy Jones and The Six are ​​not far behind. The original and inspired soundtrack goes a long way in keeping you going. The next phase will be apex and decay at the same time. And you know what? The addicts are already us.


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