Daisy Jones and Toxic Relationships

We’ve moved further into the story of the Daisy Jones and the Six series, and for those who haven’t read the book, there’s plenty of room for trivia.

The series has made me nostalgic for one of music’s best behind-the-scenes films, the Academy Award-winning Best Original Screenplay, Almost Famous. And also the classic, The Rose. This is because these films traced the fictional profiles of artists whose trajectories were shortened by alcoholism and drug addiction, mirrored in the band Led Zeppelin and the singer Janis Joplin. While it was the Fleetwood Mac group’s complex love and divorce relationship that inspired the plot kick, the Los Angeles setting and long touring roads bring the contents closer together.

Daisy Jones (Riley Keough) and Billy Dunne (Sam Clafin) consider themselves soulmates, but it’s her toxic husband Nicky Fitzpatrick (Gavin Drea) – in the book Niccolo Argento – who points out the truth: “You are each other’s mirror. ”. Easy to confuse, no doubt. Only the two really understand the exact same pain of abandonment and the freedom of creation, as well as knowing that success and fame is the answer they wanted to give to those who didn’t want to be with them. The shortcut with drinks and drugs almost destroyed Billy, and even warning Daisy can’t stop her from following the same path. Daisy and Billy’s problem is that similarities are more problematic for staying together than the opposite.

This is where “sweet” and “understanding” Nicky comes in, a toxic and dangerous manipulator, an emotional predator. Daisy finds him in a moment of emptiness, isolation, and frustration and he feeds the emotional shortcuts, making her confuse the psychological domain with unconditional love. First, he isolates her in Greece, where they meet and marry within a month. Then he distances her from her best friend, Simone. When with the band, he accelerates their drug use and fuels animosity towards Billy. Leaving Daisy in a near OD might change Daisy’s perspective on her nobility of spirit. (We’ll talk more about the book changes in another post).

The fact is that it works and the series is wonderful. It complements The Rose and Almost Famous a lot, especially when, in the case of the latter, there is an article in Rolling Stone that causes problems between the musicians. In Almost Famous, the reporter himself, Cameron Crowe, transformed his experience into a fictional rock ‘n roll tale, with a groupie, Penny Lane (Kate Hudson), as a muse. Penny Lane (Kate Hudson). Penny is as much like Daisy as Billy is parallel to Russell Hammond (Billy Crudup). We know where everyone is going, what about the trip? It’s been magic.


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