The Mandalorian: Suspicions, Plots, and the 1st Order

For those not versed in Star Wars, it is quite difficult to “enjoy” the wealth of information that The Mandalorian presents, especially if you haven’t seen Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebel. But, with patience, not only enjoy the impressive action sequences but also try to root for the right side. Yeah, there’s a lot of gray space in important characters, like Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) whose past has some questionable moments.

We return to the seed planted at the beginning of the season when High Magistrate Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) asked Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) for help due to the recurring actions of pirates on pirates on Nevarro. Din had the priority of returning to being a Mandalorian and left the planet, which was now attacked by the Gorian Shard (Nonso Anosie), forcing Greef Karga to flee with those who managed to escape. He – as he had already done – asks for help, but the distance from the planet, the apparent Peace, and the post-rebellion organization are creating many opportunities for those faithful to the Empire to reorganize. At this point, the insistence of superiors to ignore the signals is already criminal and incompetent. The only one who cares about what is clearly happening is Captain Carson Teva (Paul Sun-Hyung), who tries to somehow help.

Pause for the sensational appearance of Zeb Orrelios, from Star Wars Rebels, most welcome brief.

Getting back to action.

Since we returned with The Mandalorian, we still haven’t found Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) supposedly arrested and tried. We’ve heard rumors of death, of escape, but nothing concrete that he’s paying for his crimes. Teva is worried about this and on Coruscant he reacts with a lot of suspicions when he meets Elia Kane (Katy M. O’Brian) and immediately realizes that his makeover is fake, or at least suspicious. She manages to get into his meeting with a New Republic colonel (Tim Meadows), who, in his apathy, not only does not see that there is a risk but ignores the request (but Elia is doubly informed of the problems and attitudes).

With no other alternative, Teva tracks down Din Djarin and the Mandalorians. Even under pressure, he delivers his message. Din, who defends the reform of Greef Karga, together with Paz Vizsla (Tait Fletcher) convinces the group to act and alongside Bo-Katan, The Mandalorians take action, managing to quickly dominate and release Nevarro from the pirate attack.

Here comes the turn of the season. After the victory, Armorer (Emily Swallow) talks separately with Bo-Katan, authorizing her to remove the helmet and agreeing with the princess that the Mandalorians unite, no matter the creed and how she saw a Mytosaurus alive, it is important that everyone see riding the animal, to start a new era of Mandalorians. Their mission is to find more lost Mandalorians and retake their home planet. Only those who have followed the series before can appreciate Bo-Katan’s complete recovery cycle, although there are theories still raising suspicion about his recovery.

Compounding the doubts, we stopped with Teva discovering a destroyed prison transport in space, where the entire crew was killed after an attack. It was precisely the ship that was carrying Moff Gideon and thus has the confirmation and warning that he may be free. To make matters worse, a fragment of Beskar found at the site signals Mandalorian participation in the attack. And now?

It was a great episode, with no bellies or disjointed-looking scenes. The First Order is organizing as the Rebels did before to overthrow the Empire, in the quiet and in the open cracks when the system brings a false sense of security and conformity. We saw the reverse mirror on Andor. Like everything in Star Wars, which is told even when we know what’s going to happen, we can’t fill ourselves with hope… but it looks like we’ll bump into more familiar faces soon.


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