The Rise of Bo-Katan Kryze

I owe a profile of Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) to the uninitiated, but it’s enough to understand that the princess of the Mandalorians took her head and made some pretty serious mistakes to get to where we see her: leading her people. But let’s go back there.

The penultimate episode of the season brings the partnership between Bo-Katan, Grogu, and Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) working so well that it feeds the theory/hope of something more between the two humans. They are on a mission to locate and summon the Mandalorians scattered across the universe, but as is the tradition in the series the start of a mission leads to another pre-mission and, in this case, it is particularly easy for Din because he hates droids and they are the ones who are giving trouble.

The episode features a number of familiar faces: Lizzo, Jack Black, and Christopher Lloyd are the easiest to spot. The sub-theme of the three is more of a reinforcement of how the New Order managed and was already organizing itself in the Universe, the political background that demands a deep knowledge of the Star Wars universe and is typical of The Mandalorian. At some point, they will tie it all together.

The elected rulers of Plazir-15, with would-be reformed Imperial villains on the inside, lead a happy, opulent democracy, but they’re dealing with a problem they need the help of the couple… sorry, the Mandalorian duo: reformed droids on tilt. Din quickly warms to the prospect of attacking some of them, and the dynamic between him and Bo-Katan is fun. Din is impulsive and Bo wants to try diplomacy.

The problem is easily resolved by the two because it was led by a Separatist still loyal to Count Dooku. With that out of the way, now comes the moment of truth for Bo-Katan.

Uniting all Mandalorians is not an easy task and Bo has decided that the first group she must try to rescue is precisely the one that abandoned her when she ran out of Darksaber. After all, maybe it’s good to understand if you’re going to be able to start with the worst, right?

With no specific plan, we soon discover that diplomacy is for droids, to prove himself as a leader, Bo goes straight to one-on-one. It’s amazing to see her fight and beats up Ax Woves. The duel is won, but he does not lose with honor and soon lands a low blow. She can lead them, but she’s not who she thinks she is because she doesn’t have the sword. As we know, to get her back Bo needs to defeat Din and she just refuses to do that. (Got it, Axe?)

But you don’t even have to reflect too much because Din once again offers the Darksaber to Bo-Katan, and as a determining argument he remembers that on Mandalore he was defeated by the droid and that when she went to rescue him, Bo defeated the droid herself. So although Din is carrying the Darksaber without leaving this passage clear, now he suggests: she is in fact the one who has the right to the sword, because it would also theoretically have been the droid’s. It was simplistic and a bit improvised, but it stuck. Bo-Katan wields the Darksaber and now rules over all Mandalorians. Change of plans?


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