Farewell to the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The final season of The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel is already released. We pick up the series right where we left off and at the usual fast pace. Amy Sherman-Palladino‘s traditional hysterical conversations that have humor are a little tired but undeniably smart.

In the 1st episode, we first meet in 1981, with Esther, Midge, and Joel’s daughter, freaking out with the analyst, with a deep resentment of her mother (she only praises her grandfather). Esther is a (literal) science genius, but she can’t find the equation to forgive the distance from her parents. We immediately jump back to 1961, right after Lenny Bruce‘s iconic Carnegie Hall concert, which never appears on the screen.

Midge is sorry for the wrong choices (so are we) and now she wants to “get it right” to be successful. With that, she hallucinates Suzy, who hallucinates everyone but (still) hasn’t changed the professional scene of both. We can complain about a lot of things, but in this case, there is no way to predict what will happen.

The reunion of Lenny and Midge, which we’ve been waiting for so much, happens by chance at the airport, and we immediately realize that the night of romance has not turned into something fixed. She discovers that he is moving to Los Angeles and it is very sad because we see how much they like and understand each other. Given his real fate, it was better for Midge.

Perhaps it’s a matter of fate, but at the same time Joel is dumped by Mei, who surprises him with two pieces of news: she is no longer pregnant and is moving to Chicago. Rejected, he repeats Midge’s formula (who drank and went on stage talking nonsense) and this time he even gets a few laughs.

Speaking of laughs, who’s having trouble getting back to being fun? Precisely Midge. Suzy doesn’t get a chance for her casting in Gordon Ford, but she does get a writing position (the first woman on an all-male team). It’s the turn she needs!

But we have yet to find out how she spent a night in the blizzard after seeing Lenny on stage. And we already have the next episodes!


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