The war of succession gains steam

The surprising departure of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) in the third episode of the final season of Succession completely changed the dynamics of choosing who will replace him in charge of the business. In addition to the three sons he has deliberately discredited over the years, there are more candidates and the war promises to make Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens timid in comparison*.

The dissolution of the fragile union between Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook), and Roman (Kieran Culkin) is the first overall gamble. Kendall was the successor who was the first victim of paternal insecurity and veracity. Shiv had the preference for a while, but it was never made official, and lost Logan’s trust. Recently, it was Roman who was surfing in hopes of proving himself capable, and it was to him that his father said he needed help. How will the three come to the conclusion about which one should represent them? Kendall came out ahead, but the test will be no less complex without Logan’s presence.

Tom Wambsgans (Matthew MacFayden) will finally step out of the shadows and make it clear why he’s put up with humiliating himself for so many years as Shiv’s betrayed husband. By “choosing” the father-in-law at the end of the third season, instead of his wife, has he already shown that he wants to be among the strong and what did he aim ultimately? The crown for himself. The problem is that no one particularly likes him and certainly no one else trusts him anymore, including Shiv. And are there more candidates? Clear! Kai Grady, the CEO of Waystar Royco, who within seconds of the death, was already taking care of business at the side of the body is one.

The bottom line is that Logan may be dead, but who knows what he left in his will? Today’s episode promises!


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  1. Peggy Marie disse:

    It’s going to get juicy!!!


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