AIsis, the AI ​​singing like Oasis. It is good?

Yes, the AIsis tribute band has a good album dedicated to the Oasis group. And the confusion begins: how can Artificial Intelligence compose music? Don’t worry, we’re not there yet.

Everything was born from the family conflict between the brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, which only rivals the fight between Princes William and Harry in the popular imagination. While the monarchy breeds divisions, Oasis‘ music has a loyal following that mourns the end of the band’s reign in British rock. Of course, Artificial Intelligence was an alternative that the most passionate decided to test to end the 14-year fast. Thus was born AIsis, the technological alternative to Oasis.

The Lost Tapes Volume One was released as “a lost album” from the original band, supposedly material written between 1997 and 2000, eight songs exactly in the style of the group using technology to imagine what it might have been like had they not broken up. And if you hadn’t been warned, you wouldn’t imagine it to be “fake” material. Or half fake. The voice is artificial, but the songs have real authors and are not the Gallagher brothers.

Bobby Geraghty, singer, and songwriter, and a fan of Oasis, is at the head of the AIsis project. As he explained to The Guardian, because he was tired of the family feud that drags on publicly, he decided to use AI to model Liam’s remarkable voice and imagine a repertoire of unreleased songs, all originally written for the band Breezer, which features the guitarist Chris Woodgates. The two cut several of Liam’s acappella recordings to train the AI ​​and replace Chris’ voice. The compositions are their own, in the style of the original band, using what they have achieved with technology. More than a cover band, with The Lost Tapes Volume One, AIsis has a great 33-minute concept album and positions itself as a Tribute Band.

The positive reaction that AIsis has achieved has generated the natural insecurity of technological intervention. As the band did not use ‘fake news’ to deceive anyone, the questioning between tribute and abuse lost some steam. Liam’s use of voice is what surprises me, and how the issue stands judicially is good to follow. According to Bobby, the voice can be artificially recreated, but the compositions still rely 100% on human creative input.

“AI is still very user-controlled. You need to feed it exactly what it needs to replicate. I don’t think it’s the point where AI could write a song. Although, having said that, a lot of people have asked if the music was AI-generated, which it isn’t,” he explained to the Guardian.

Many liked the initiative to, let’s say, resurrect other artists – including those already dead – to hear them singing something new. In the case of Oasis, Liam and Noel are apparently trying to reconcile. If you leave social networks for the real world, AIsis will still have its importance. For now, have fun!


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