Succession: What Does Shiv Want?

After the ‘sale’ of Waystar Royco, apparently completed (all mergers and businesses in Succession are like in Billions: a lot of talks for a final surprise).

The big question now is about Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) who has not been easy to read or decipher what she really wants. Does she want to have the baby with Tom? Does she want to separate from her husband? Does she want to fire him or is beating her brothers the ultimate goal? Shiv was always dubious, she acted politically on the opposite side of her father, but she wanted to inherit the leadership of the company. Plus she uses and discards people like nothing, as a true Roy. Above all, she wants the respect and recognition she doesn’t get from the male wing of her family. It’s a lot.

Did Shiv and Lukas Matsson genuinely get along or did he manipulate her? She has already managed to humiliate, even if secretly, Roman and Kendall. According to the teaser, I suspect Shiv will quickly become irritated and disappointed in Matsson, however, she is openly against Kendall, talking to Roman about “the twinkle in the eye” that makes the older brother uncontrollable and dangerous. We only have four episodes to go. The pressure only increases.


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