Politics on the Stage of Succession

There’s a running joke from Succession fans that the show always had one big deal that never got completed. That’s why, with the surprise of the death of Logan Roy (Brian Cox), Waystar Royco seems to have even been acquired by Lukas Matsson. For some, the biggest surprise of the series is the fact that we finally saw a buy/sell take place. It will be?

Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) want to mess everything up and being Succession, it looks like a teaser for another “almost” sale. The difference lies in Shiv (Sarah Snook), who is lending herself a double spy job, helping Matsson after she was ostracized by the brothers. As we’ve already identified, Logan’s shadow found its best heir in Matsson, for all the wrong reasons. Sunday’s episode promises!

Tailgate Party is an American expression for a tradition that would have been born in a bizarre way. Today it is essentially a pre-match event that takes place in parking lots when fans open the trunks of their cars and have a barbecue before the game. It was born from people who got together to “watch” civil war battles from a distance while having a picnic. In Succession, it’s about the US election, and as we’ve seen Matsson’s surprise visit to Shiv’s house, it’s safe to assume that we’re going to get low.

Matsson has already made it clear that he wants to change the channel’s editorial line, but part of Waystar RoyCo’s secret is getting along with politicians.

There are only three weeks left until the series finale. The next two episodes already have the names revealed: America Decide and Church and State. We’ll be back after the show.


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