An Empire of broken people in Succession

If we’re going to take any message from shows like Succession, it’s that millionaires are miserable, cruel people. There is no one at the top, not even the business owner’s children, who have peace of mind. Maybe Connor, who always knows how to negotiate for more and never takes offense at not being involved in the business. Of Logan Roy’s four children, he knows best, even though Roman says they all consider him a joke. Everyone considers all children a joke.

The party in Portuguese translated as “rolezinho” in English is “tailgate” and it is an American tradition to meet before the big match, in this case, the American elections and it was just a low one. Truths being told left and right, disappointments and revelations. The main one, it didn’t go unnoticed, is what feeds Greg’s eye current. When he finally, at Kendall’s request, makes it to Lukas, he receives a compliment from the Swede. It always seems tongue-in-cheek, but he warns “It’s part of my game to let people think I’m an idiot.” Seeing where he is, I don’t know…

But not Greg because he annoys me. The union between the Roys is finite. Roman and Kendall understand each other, but Kendall is ahead of everything and Shiv was right that he would never want to share Power. However, I can’t exactly blame him. In his arrogance, he still hasn’t caught Shiv’s double game – which is a flaw – and opens with it 90% of its strategy, but the final blow is guarding it more discreetly. I’m not rooting for Kendall, but in Logan Roy’s terms, he’s doing pretty well.

Roman, good Roman is lost. His articulation with the extreme right is frightening, even more recalling the image of the season’s trailer in which he is in the midst of an attack through the streets of NY celebrating. Here he tries to redeem himself with Gerri, but it doesn’t work.

Now Shiv… this is your episode. She got back together with Tom but still doesn’t understand that he is no longer the liability he once was. She hasn’t told him she’s pregnant, but he knows everything she’s doing behind her brothers’ backs. However, when he realizes that everyone laughs at him and that they see him discarded, including Lukas, Shiv does not defend him and he understands that he “lost” everything. The frank conversation the two have is a show apart from Sarah Snook and Matthew McFadyen’s performance. The two say everything I would want to hear them say. Shiv accuses him of being a gold digger, manipulator, and masochist. Tom makes her understand that she is bad, that she is an insensitive and broken person beyond repair. And that she would be a terrible mother. We knew the marriage was over, but now it seems to me that they did too. Does he still have a chance to get closer to Kendall, like Greg is doing? He has the same “betrayal” potential in his hands as last season, but I don’t see him repeating himself.

To make matters worse for Shiv, she has discovered that Lukas is using her and is in a hurry to close the deal, but like her brothers, she doesn’t see her as CEO. She demands a verbal commitment that will put her on the job, but he laughs and does not commit. To make matters worse, just like Kendall, who she’s been so critical of, he’s been juggling the numbers. Shiv is screwed because it’s in the hands of Tom and Lukas, who can easily expose her to Roman and Kendall, giving them a reason to lose the blame for excluding her.

I had already said that Shiv made the decision to support Lukas by identifying a kind of Logan in him. His refusal to confirm her as his CEO while she sees herself ready is exactly the second season.

Next stop? The presidential elections. Who cares?


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