Past, future and present have the same anguish in Barry

There are many loose ends with Barry, but in yet another harrowing episode we see how his life that began the moment Sally agreed to run away with him is incomplete, even eight years later. We don’t know about Noho Hank or Fuches, but Barry – now Clark – and Sally – now Emily – have a son – John – and literally live in the middle of nowhere.

Barry/Clark is peaceful, controlling, and the one who takes care of his son. Sally/Emily is drunk and crying, her frustrations haven’t changed even with motherhood. The peaceful life of the two may provide ‘security’, but it has not brought happiness or erased their past. A mysterious knock on the door in the middle of the night shows how they still await retaliation.

Sally’s alcoholism has post-traumatic seeds and immense frustration. She almost kills a biker for fun. which is very scary.

What can destroy everything? The reappearance of Gene Coasineau, who is consulting on a biographical film about the shooter, brings the couple to despair. “I have to kill him,” says Barry. I bet it’s a trap…

It will be?


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