The Origin of Dog Days Are Over

In 2007, Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone held a major exhibition in London that had a direct impact on singer Florence Welch. Known for his large installations that include sculpture, painting, video, sound, and photography, Ugo also has a characteristic of using metaphorical and iconographic images to reinforce positive statements, always in the colors of a rainbow, that year what he put in writing was: DOG DAYS ARE OVER, an expression that has some meanings in English, such as the end of a difficult job and the arrival of summer.

Florence, who cycled through the facility every day, was inspired. After all, the expression is used to show a moment of victory and after six months of reading the same sentence every day, she wrote one to the inevitability of happiness. The singer also liked the reference to the dog star, Sirius. “When it gets closer to the Earth, all animals become languid and drowsy; when you pull away, they wake up,” she explained to Mojo.

Dog Days Are Over was one of the big hits that made Florence + The Machine a world-famous artist, and it got played again thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which puts her in one of the most important (and emotional) scenes in the film that has been lauded as one of Marvel’s best. It fits perfectly when you think that the vocalist sings about finding happiness and realizing that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Obviously, in Florence shows, it’s one of the highlights. While we don’t talk more about the film, stick with the original video!


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