Barry’s ‘magician’s trick

Predictability is something impossible in Barry, especially in this final stretch. The sixth episode of what is the final season of the series shows that our favorite psychopath of the hour will have to deal with … magic. The Wizard hints that Barry (Bill Hader) will once again have to draw cards from his sleeve.

In the previous episode, we confirmed that the series jumped forward 8 years in time. Barry and Sally (Sarah Goldberg) are literally in the middle of nowhere, they have a child together and the boy looks like a saint but already hints at a violent nature underneath. The couple is not happy, Sally is an alcoholic, frustrated, and absent, but she accepts her husband as he is. The constant fear of the two is shown in a terrifying scene at dawn in which Barry is on duty at the door. Sally’s life is dull, flat, and emotionless. However, it is she who sees and warns Barry about “the return of Cousineau”, which propels the assassin to come out of hiding to eliminate their former mentor. Everything screams “trap”, but Barry has already fallen into it. Possibly he is not happier than Sally as it looks.

There are still many loose ends: Fuches, Noho Hank, Jim Moss, and the FBI are after the two and there is no happy future for Barry.

The premise of the final season is the frustration of all these flawed people when they get what they want (except Sally): Barry has his family, Fuches is respected and leads criminals inside the prison, Noho Hank runs LA’s drug traffic… but nothing really changes them.

Barry is today intelligent and deeply unexpected content. Its trailers tease us without giving anything away and yet make perfect sense after the episode airs. Today’s is guns strewn across the bed. How will the reunion of teacher and student be today?

I’m betting on violence… and more, since I’m theorizing: Sally will either be Barry’s partner or replacement. We know that she already killed, that she didn’t regret it… to see if she rediscovers herself in crime?


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