The tears of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is as intense as ever, confused as ever, and now (finally) bringing Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) to the ground. Any woman felt with her the hard tears that were announced long ago.

In the seventh episode of the season, we follow the yo-yo of time, starting ahead and returning to the ‘present’, always with a spoiler that the moment suffered will be overcome, even with other sadness awaiting in the future. In other words, Midge will achieve the elusive fame that she now aspires to and that she has been denied as a woman. She earns less, she might be the best, but she doesn’t stand a chance… she finally broke into a more emotional conclusion and that, if we didn’t know this part was going to be resolved, we would have more compassion.

Midge tried to be the best wife for Joel (Michael Zegen), who was never a comedian and tried to be a stand-up star herself, with the support of Susie (Alex Bronstein), but we follow her ‘self-sabotage’ when she never knew how to separate her personal life from the butt of her own jokes. Her acidic and even aggressive comments hurt friends, alienated potential allies, and Midge swam, swam, and died on the beach. In this final stage, she is determined to change her attitude, but at the moment she realizes that maybe she doesn’t have the necessary breath to face the giant wave of sexism and prejudice.

The problem, again, is that after four seasons of letting big chances slip by herself, we don’t care as much. To make matters worse, the random flashforwards are more confusing than interesting. There are only 3 episodes left until the end, we already know that Midge and Susie fight, that Joe pays for it, and that the two women will eventually make up (other information already given without need as had to be held up in suspense at least about ‘that’). The real problem is that at this point, Midge is in Groundhog Day and we’ve seen this movie before, too many times to count.


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