Erin Doherty: From Princess to Martyr

Actress Erin Doherty graduated from the Bristol Old Vic Theater School less than 10 years ago (2015) and is already the big bet for stardom in the British market. We first came to know her as ‘Princess Anne from The Crown‘, where she stole the show in Seasons 3 and 4. Erin had appeared on TV before, with guest appearances on Les Miserables and Call The Midwife, but it was The Crown that put her in the spotlight. in the international market.

Talented in football (she almost played professionally) or the theatre, it is on stage where she has reinforced the buzz that she is Britain’s ‘next big star’. Her performance in The Crucible was highly praised (she was replaced by another up-and-coming young Australian, House of the Dragon‘s Milly Alcock), and is the star of Prime Video’s thriller series, Chloe. However, her participation in the film Firebrand could put her on the Oscar path.

Firebrand is the biopic about Queen Katherine Parr, with Alicia Vikander in the lead role (replacing Michelle Williams) and with Jude Law as Henry VIII, which will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Karim Anouiz, Erin will play one of the most controversial names of the Tudor reign, the religious martyr Anne Askew. It will steal the film, rest assured.

Anne Askew was a Protestant religious who circulated in the Queen’s close circle and was used by Katherine’s enemies as a means of overthrowing her, or at least they tried to. Katherine, who was a caring stepmother and had the affection of an unstable Henry, was seen as an enemy of Catholicism and there was a current that wanted to take advantage of the king’s murderous propensity to eliminate her before he himself died. With arguments of suspicion of heresy, they persecuted people close to the Queen, with Anne, the worst and main victim of all, being tortured to the point of entering History as one of the worst moments of a bloody reign like that of Henry VIII. It was – for Katherine – the scariest moment of her life, and that is the focus of Firebrand, which will be a psychological thriller reinforcing the danger that almost cost the queen her life. Anne never gave up Katherine Parr and was burned alive as punishment. Confirmation of a lauded actress like Erin in the role means that this passage will feature prominently in the film. Excited for the launch!


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