The Turn of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Too bad, we’re two episodes from completion and the narrative of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel continues in a confusing spiral of past, present, future, and half-past… time travel is hysterical as everything: we see what could have been, what was, how it was and we already know how it will be. But what I regret most is that we FINALLY hit some exciting keys, but it seems too late.

The Princess and the Plea make several jokes with the title: it’s a quote from The Princess and the Pea, and that’s what happens: Princess Maisel asks – bluntly – for Susie to do the turn for her. There’s so much more to everything that it’s a shame we missed out on episodes of irrelevant musicals and drama. This is where the heart of it all lies, from the tears of a frustrated Midge who is finally focused, avoiding silly mistakes but, like us, annoyed at getting too close and always ending up two steps behind.

The solution here lies with Susie’s ex-girlfriend, Hedy Ford, the current wife of Midge’s boss. In two seconds, the confident, sexy, and mysterious Hedy demonstrates all the power she has, including over her husband. Midge has no other choice, she needs Hedy to use that power to help her and only Susie can make the wish. The fight between the businesswoman and the comedian will be 100% about whatever the secret that separated Hedy and Susie is, we have no doubt. And there is jealousy there. Hedy asks Susie about the true nature of her relationship with Midge and the silence is quite loud.

Hedy is the one who makes the difference for Midge. She watches the comedian, praises her, and gives her the most crucial piece of advice ever to stop Midge from “denying” credit for the things she does well. She complies with Susie’s request and Gordon will now have to put Midge on the air, it looks like this time she won’t sabotage herself. The price will be high.

Every episode, apart from the back and forth of time, shows where the story would have gained relevance and emotion, with Abe acknowledging his misogyny and how much he didn’t gamble on his daughter, Joel seeing he had won the lottery and thrown it all away for nothing, and especially with Susie and Midge on something deeper.

We already know the conclusion of the story, but I wanted to know a lot more about Hedy. Hopefully, she will take center stage until the grand finale.


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