Peaky Blinders Trailer Breakdown (theories)

We finally had footage of what’s coming, albeit dark and inconclusive. Being aware that this is the final season makes us dread even more the results of explosions and “gun pulling”, but shall we theorize?

The trailer opens once again with Tommy Shelby wasting away bullets with his machine gun firing at the sky. So, as we all suspected, even with Grace encouraging his suicide, the last image we had of Tommy putting a gun into his own head was just a frustrating moment. Tommy is alive, plotting and saving his family once again.

Then we see him at a Church, suggesting that at his hour of most need, he does pray. This also indicates he is missing Polly, as she brought him to Church before.

Next, we see Arthur, hurt and wasted with something written in red into his chest about the Shelbys. I can’t make it clear, is it “another Shelby” as he is dead and someone took down another Shelby? Not possible as we see highlander-Arthur alive and kicking again, but this could be out of order in terms of timeline.

Then we see a boat, with Michael in his new looks and surrounded by mafia guys. Pay attention to the HAT. Michael is not wearing the typical Peaky Blinders beret, this is the sign he’s gone all the way for Gina’s plan.

With no subtlety, we see next a Nazi rally in London, with big bad guy Oswald Mosley and his wife, Lady Mosley (which we wrote about here on the blog before).

Then we go back to Tommy’s house, with Arthur getting ready for action and Lizzie concerned, then embracing her husband.

Following this, we see Tommy going back to the gypsies, looking for shelter. And if we had any questions about Gina and Michael, they are in full luxury in a hotel in London. They are plotting and Gina is in charge (and apparently, NOT pregnant).

Back in Birmingham, Ada is the Shelby in charge of the business. Extremely confidant, cool and, we will soon, also ARMED. The song is right on cue saying “I wanted to survive”…

We hear Tommy admitting the Shelbys made a “powerful enemy”, with Oswald Mosley and his wife at the Nazi rally. A new character – clearly a labor political leader – is introduced with Tommy pointing a gun at him,

Pause. Tommy shoots at a bar, and we see him in the rain, astonished and saying “This will be the end of us”.

Ada answers, “Take a good look Tom, because one of won’t be here for long”. And we see Tommy acting again, with Arthur on his side and Ada looking worried.

We know Tommy’s strategy is political and has the support of South Birmingham’s workers.

But we also see that besides Mosley, Michael IS an enemy and that he burns down the Gypsy camp, again putting on his Mafia hat and showing he is no longer a “Shelby”.

And all hell breaks loose as Tommy warns that there’s “one last deal to be done”, and a woman screams “Tommy!”. We see the Gypsy camp being attacked, Tommy surrounded by dead men then Tommy in a uniform fighting a man at his office. We see Alfie Solomons looking angry, a woman that looks like Polly being surrounded, attacked, and shooting out, Tommy running with Lizzie from their home, Lizzie crying at the gypsy camp burning behind her, more Tommy’s PST from France, and finally Tommy’s last words on the trailer: “then the Peaky Blinders will rest”.

We shall see Esme back as well.


My initial theories are:

We shall pick the story with Tommy being attacked at his own home and fleeing to seek shelter for his kids with the gypsies. Esme will be there to help.

Alfie is the one behind the betrayal to Mosley, but Tommy will corner him for good. (I think I wrote your final chapter, Alfie)

We know Mosley will be defeated politically, but Tommy will have to deal with the worst enemies from inside. At the Gypsy camp, Polly will be murdered when defending her people, and possibly Lizzie will be kidnapped by Michael. We know he’s involved as he is at the burning camp.

The teaser doesn’t show, but Gina IS involved somehow with Mosley.

Tommy will fight for his wife and kids, and will finally put to rest his war traumas (as we see on the trailer) and the Peaky Blinders will rest after his last revenge.

I might change as we see more, but this was my very first guess. Any thoughts?

Good information on the article as well. Click here.


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